3 Self Help Books that will change your life | My Book Recommendations

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Reading is that one activity that helps you escape reality and immerse yourself in another universe. The books we read help us understand the world better and form ideas. And, well, some of them also give us quotes that affect us so much that we get them tattooed.

But not all of us develop our reading habits right from childhood and as adults, we don’t know where to start. It can be a confusing deal because of the number of books available but you also need to learn where to start so that you can easily start a love affair with books and nurture it as time goes by.

Here in this video, we discuss 3 self-help books every beginner should read.

Simon Sinek’s TED talk

Amish Sir’s podcast with Ranveer.

Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)

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Srikar Suresh says:

Adding to the list here are the books that changed my life;
1. Limitless by Jim Kwik
2. Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
3. Eat that frog by Brian Tracy
4. The art of thinking clearly by Rolf Dobelli
5. Atomic Habits by James clear
6. Getting things done by David Allen
7. Principles | Life & Work by Ray Dalio (Must Read – Endorsed by Bill Gates)
8. 12 rules for life by Jordan B Peterson

neeraj maheshwari says:

Two more recommendation:
The atomic habits
Almanac of naval ravikant

be kind, it won't kill you says:

Thank you for your recommendations. Will look them up. Meanwhile I too would like to recommend one to you. Try "Being Happy" by Andrew Matthews, it's a good read. Happy reading!

Devendra Kori says:

Bhai spoken english kse sikhu

Sharad Rai says:

Done with these books man…what next?

Prithu De says:

Subtitles not matching

himalaya ahuja says:

Please teach us English Master

George scientist Jabi says:

1. Start with why
2. The wellness sense
3. Ram

Sriram says:

This is one of india 's best youtube channels for sure. You've got a unique way of putting your point forward. Looking forward to your content in the future !

krupa tk says:

Thanks a lot for the suggestions Ganesh, it was really valuable .

Bandy Bond says:

Amish Tripathi Sir is my favourite author.

yash chawla says:

Caption look different please check.

A68 Tejas says:

last year i read 0 books, this month 24 and there are 3 months still remaining!

Rohit says:

Subtitles and video content didn't match, correct it sir.

Rishabh Gupta says:

Just read Simon Sinek book
Start with why
You fall in love with his book.

Vicky says:

Ganesh pls keep on doing this segment of videos

Santosh Sony says:

Love ur content

Priya Yadav says:

Hi…the subtitles for this video are meant for some other video of yours. Please correct it.

sri sai subramanyam davanam says:

Captions are distracted me bro

Kunal Yadav says:

Bhagwat gita

arjun kumar says:

Start with why
Is my one of the favourite Books
I ever readed

Desert eagle says:

Guys read seerat( life history/biography of prophet muhammad) thank me later.

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