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Book No.1 – Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss – https://amzn.to/3DFjKjT

This book is written by one of my idols – Timothy Ferriss. It is a compilation of the best learnings from the podcast – “The Tim Ferriss Show”. It’s one of those books that will provide you the smallest changes in your life, which will eventually lead to big successes. Highly recommend this one.

Book No.2 – 21 Lessons From The 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari – https://amzn.to/3mJPEF2

Yuval Noah Harari’s mind about the near future lies in this beautiful book. Yuval Noah Harari is a mastermind whose books and podcasts, have been the discovery of the year for me. His work is a gift to mankind. Urge every futuristic individual to deeply study his work and writings.

Book No.3 – Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda – https://amzn.to/2YJDvYl

This book has been my ULTIMATE Guide to all kinds of situations in my life. I genuinely consider this particular book to be life-changing, I believe that this book is living. The only book I recommend to everyone, cannot emphasize more on this book. I still go back to it and end up knowing myself more deeply.

“Everyone is a non-reader until they find that 1 book that changes their life.” ~ Ranveer Allahbadia

| BeerBiceps Book Recommendations 2021 |

Here are 3 of my most favorite books ever. All of these books have impacted me greatly & have also played a part in building my mindset.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”
– Jim Rohn

These books have added value to my life more than I could have imagined.

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Tony zang says:

Hey I want to learn about investing and trading in stocks can you suggest me some good books ??

Sanjay MV says:

is there autobiography of yogi podcast in english anywhere ?

Palak Thawrani says:

Plz suggest books for students in college

Sohan Pathak says:

Bro you ever hear about mbti personality trait

Sohan Pathak says:

Bro you ever hear about mbti

Mohit Patel says:

Currently reading autobiography of yogi 👌🏻

Sharyu 💜 says:

Sir, waiting for the new video only on Autobiography of Yogi 🙏

Sharyu 💜 says:

"I will teach you to subdue the beasts of ignorance roaming in jungles of human mind. You are used to an audience: let it be a galaxy of angels, entertained by your thrilling mastery of Yoga" – The Tiger swami chp

shivani bishnoi says:

Autobiography of a yogi has actually changed my life.

AbhimannuKumar Singh says:

Read Bhagvat Geeta ……..no other books need to be read

Omkar k says:

Just ordered autobiography of a yogi form flipkart ✌️ .. u can get it in just 95₹ … Thanks me later ❤️

Ajay J says:

SAPIENS by Yuval Noah harari is a epic book.
Note: not recommended for beginners it will drive you crazy.💀

Vedboier says:

Ajj kal Titans bhi IITian Dikh raha hain 😂

Hare Krishna says:

You should read Bhagwat Gita as it is your evry questions answers in this book hare Krishna Hari bol 👍🙏😀

Hamidullah Hamid says:

Read Quran if you are truthful to yourself

Kshitiz Thakur says:

No self help book is gonna change someone's life . Only we can do it by ourselves .

shashi prabha says:

Hey here to point out that we have a contemporary of paramahamsa called Sri m..his book called apprenticed to a Himalayan master-the autob of a Yogi is surreal..the great man appears on a channel called satsang foundation

krishna chaitanya says:

You should also suggest all the best books from Rajiv Malhotra.

Anshika Arora says:

Ordered the Yogi book just after seeing this!

Satyendra Kumar says:

Great video sir keep it up

Shyam garwe_20 says:

No one
literally on one
Every damm ad on this channel : aaaaaaoooooo……………….banao protein ka routine

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