2019 Most Anticipated Fantasy Books

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I FORGOT WAYWARD SON, HOW COULD I?! Just know that I am VERY much anticipating that one as well!

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Zig Zaggle says:

Finch and Alice NEED to be together.
I ship them.

Zetty Marie Diola says:

+Super Space Chick Are you going to read Defy Me by Taheri Mafi? It will be released this April 2nd

Kyla Huebner says:

Dang. We have a very similar most anticipated list. 😂

Lillyan18 says:

How is it tht u already read Wicked king?

kira murasaki says:

When I heard Erin is bringing a new book I jumped the band wagon! <3
Orange tree is so huge it scares me to death but I wanna read it! – 2019 already has so beautiful covers! We need a prettiest covers of 2019 at the end ^^

Pooya Shirazi says:

i dont wanna be mean but i feel like this is a list of Sarah j. Maas clones.

W. Wright says:

Be sure to check out my new sci-fi/fantasy book Brimstone's Knight by W. Wright, release date January 31st, Austin Macauley Publishers.  I posted a short intro video on my channel. Or simply search "Brimstone's Knight" and you'll find it.

MonsterBloodBooks says:

Woah, those candles 😂😂

PalmKD says:

I’m also so excited for Red Scrolls of Magic! I’m feeling so beyond grateful for all the Shadowhunters stories coming our way this year. As you said, I’m so glad she is still adding to this world. It’s amazing. I hadn’t heard of Wicked Saints but it sounds so interesting! So does Sorcery of Thorns! So does The Beholder! Ahh so many good things to look forward to! Thanks for putting all this great info together and for sneaking two more in and the end =D

It’sJaneLindsey says:

So many of my most anticipated fantasy releases were mentioned! I'm especially looking forward to King of Scars, The Gilded Wolves, and Red Scrolls of Magic. Also hearing you talk about The Beautiful has me so intrigued! I've only read one of her novels and didn't love it (and I'm always a little wary of books set in New Orleans by authors who aren't from here), but the premise has me hooked, haha. Definitely will pick that one up in the fall!

Joaquin Emmanuel Pulvinar says:

I also learned parley from Pirates of the Caribbean

Ray Gallagher says:

May your tea and reading always be to your liking.

with cinnamon, please says:

why are all those books so gorgeous 😭

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