2018 Goals Wrap Up & 2019 Goals

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Going to attempt something new in 2019! Will it work? 🤔

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Dominique Harris says:

Imma try the read harder c this yr. I really want to see how far i get into the list

TLC Booknerd says:

I think you are the calmest booktuber I'm subscribed to. 👍😃📚

Denise D Cooper says:

Happy New Year and Happy Reading Rincey.

epd0126 says:

hi all i really really recommend the audio book Children of Blood and Bone..The audio is amazing

christianaxoxo says:

I started reading "Anna Karenina" a few years ago, got a little more than halfway through and life got in the way and I just put it down for a later time. I'd be very interested in actually reading it with you in August 2019!

Always Doing says:

I love how you're adjusting your goals and your spreadsheet! I'm a huge proponent of dropping what's not working and trying something new. This year I'm going for un-goals – no hard numbers for books or pages, and I'm only going to do shorter challenges and readathons as the mood strikes. It's been a helluva year – congrats on making it through, and here's to a great 2019!

Rebecca Johnston says:

I completely understand being exhausted, I hope the new year brings peace and more happiness. 🙂 I would love to be part of an 'Anna Karenina' read-along this summer, and it would perfectly fit with my goal of reading longer books in 2019. Merry Christmas and have a great start to your 2019!

My Reading Life says:

Sometimes bookish goals can feel overwhelming for sure. I am also considering skipping the Read Harder challenge in 2019 cause I am just not feeling excited about it. It makes me sad that I’m not, but what can you do?

latestranger says:

Rincey, I really love and admire your attitude towards reading goals – I feel like I see a lot of people talking about putting tons of pressure on themselves because of booktube and you are so not about that; it's genuinely inspiring. This past year I tried a 'monthly goal' system for the sort of things that might otherwise be new year's resolutions, and I found it worked really well in the first half of the year, and then I completely dropped it in the second half (partially because i had a big life change in August, but hey). I think quarterly is actually a good balance and no harm if you don't end up setting Q4 goals, obviously!

Also, I've actually already read Anna Karenina and all I can say is READ THE PEVEAR AND VOLOKHONSKY TRANSLATION!!! I started out in a different edition and h a t e d the first half because of it. Then my grandfather lent me his copy in the new translation and it totally changed my reading experience; I ended up actually really liking the second half.

Emily Polson says:

I'm thinking about skipping read harder next year as well. I looked at the challenge this year and several categories I don't normally read I actually could've checked off for this year oddly enough, so I don't feel super compelled. My working goals are read a poetry collection each week (might be ambitious but we'll see), read a book over 1000 pages (I'm notorious for only reading short books ), and picking up books by a few authors I've been meaning to read for ages but haven't yet (like Zadie Smith and Stephen King). I'm also thinking about setting some "before I'm 30" goals for longer stuff, like reading a book from every country.

booksandpieces says:

Going to go and watch your burnout video now but I definitely sympathise with the feeling of just not wanting to track as much and do all the extra work around reading. I have felt much the same the last year or two. I want to try and set some goals that excite me rather than as work or stress this year but figuring out what those might be is a bit hard!

Robert Stanton says:

Reading should be enjoyable so eliminating things that don't bring joy to you is great. I've tried to do the Read Harder Challenge the past two years and haven't gotten close to finishing because there are tasks that I end up having no interest in.

unmanaged mischief says:

I like the idea of quarterly goals! I feel like I kind of missed having more goals this year, even though I didn't accomplish some of the goals I set out for myself. So I'm trying to have more structure, but I'm still working out what exactly I want to do. One of my goals was to read less frontlist, but I feel like I really missed it and ended up reading a lot of frontlist in the latter half of the year. It's so hard to know what I'm going to want to be doing a year from now.

Nadine Augustyn says:

Life is too short to read just to fulfill a reading challenge. I'm going to say that 30 years from now you won't care how many books you read in 2018 that had female/male/animal main characters. My opinion is that reading should be for fun or to learn something…but even then it better be a pleasant, happy-I-read-it book.

Kay Jones says:

Yes please to Anna Karenina. Have read it twice but was wanting to reread this year as it is one of my absolute favourites. Good luck with your goals. Best wishes to you x

Ocean Aged says:

I just read what I feel like these days. in part because I have school reading and just want to enjoy personal reading time. That said I like to keep the read harder list close by and try to tick off some because there's always something that will push me to a book I'd otherwise not read (because it's easy to get tricked by habit). Anyway: Good reflection of your reading year!

Bob Regina says:

I absolutely adored Anna Karenina! I have a crush on Russian literature 🥶

adultishbooks says:

Love your cardigan. And I want to know the finalists for your August readalong.

MissKriekentaart says:

I'm up for a big Russian classic! I haven't read any yet since they are very intimidating…

1book1review says:

I reduced my book tracking a lot this year with the focus on pages/minutes and the development of my TBR and I was quite happy with that. I also read more than I normally do, although I read "easier" books this year just like last year due to lacking brain power. And that's just fine. I tend to increase TV rewatches when stressed as a better form of escapism that reading. But that's fine to. Hope your 2019 will be good and relaxed.

Mónica Ferreira says:

Stay strong girl! Merry christmas and a great 2019 to you! Always watching your videos, all the way from Portugal, Europe.

Michele Arnwine says:

Yes please Anna Karenina!!!!!

Alison Rose says:

Ooooh yes Anna Karenina!! I read it a long time ago, like maybe 15 years ago, and I'd love to read it again as an older adult and see if I get more out of it or just something new. Would love to do that as a readalong 😀

TheShadesofOrange Booktube Channel says:

I love your doing more relaxed reading plans for next year, because I'm doing the same thing. Everyone has such complex, details goals but I just want to enjoy some unstructured reading. Do you find that the podcast reading fits in well or does it sometimes feel like homework? I found myself a bit exhausted reading for the Books in the Freezer podcast this year.

Toastwig says:

we need a 'read easier' challenge haha

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