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Watch as a bastardize the BooktubeBooker Book Tag !

Tag Creator:
David / Poptimist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md8SJg6OOuc&t=3s
Tagged By:
Rincey / Rincey Reads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SREv6q_FEnE

Other Channels Mentioned:
Eric Karl Anderson (and his bookshelf tour!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNkxUQ8MUOY&t=1s
Michelle / Challenge Thy Shelf: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mSY2O7aLwktimEzt-T_lA

Tag Questions:
– Favourite Fiction Book of the Year
– Favourite Non-Fiction Book of the Year
– Favourite Debut Novel of the Year
– Favourite Poetry/Short Story Collection (which I forgot to do in my video *D’oh! – I voted for Things to Do When You’re Goth in the Country BTW)
– Favourite Work in Translation
– Favourite Comic/Comic Series/Graphic Novel
– Favourite Book Cover
– Favourite Author (considering works, social media, interviews, articles)
– Favourite Booktube Video
– Favourite New (to you at least) Booktuber

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Books Mentioned:
The Overstory by Richard Powers
The Friend by Sigrid Nunez
The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer
The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
The Recovering: Intoxication and its Aftermath by Leslie Jamison
West by Carys Davies
Rough Animals by Rae DelBianco
There, There by Tommy Orange
The World Goes On by László Krasznahorkai
Comemadre by Roque Larraquy
Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami
Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote, José Villarrubia, Aaron Campbell
If You Leave Me by Crystal Hana Kim

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Pat C says:

Hi Adam,

The worst thing I can say about a book is that it didn't mark me in any way. So I go for forgettable for the worst…

Thank you, I suddenly don’t feel so alone just because someone else don’t like bookshelf tours.

rincey reads says:

This was even better than I thought it would be when I tagged you

J. chirsky says:

wow wow wow!!!! i loved the great alone.i dont read much from this author but this was fabulous!!!!!!!

Anna Baillie-Karas says:

‘Moonlighting in the new releases’ 😂 love it! Interesting re There There – I’ve been planning to read it (= hype victim). Will see.

Sujay Pandit says:

Hi! Where did you get your Atwood collection? Thanks!

Tootight Lautrec says:

I'm waiting for someone to review "Full Disclosure" without mentioning the orange mushroom. Who better than you?

Old Blue's Chapter and Verse says:

I can’t do this video, as I read SO few brand-new books. I’m not sure I’ve read a single 2018 release.

But speaking of tags being done in the service of data, when are you going to do my Booktube Top Tens Tag? I’m very curious to see your answers and how they affect the tallying thus far…

Oly Bliss says:

Hah this was a real fun tag and thought your responses was hilarious poor Kristin Hannah 😅

robert elder says:

Your funny! I have There There from the library.

Not long Adam for Luca Guadagnino Suspiria! I have been keeping up with all reviews from Venice Film Festival and others! It’s going to be a masterpiece!

Mel's Bookland Adventures says:

I agree wholeheartedly on There There. I can see why people like it but I just did not love it. Lol about Murakami.

jbsubscribes says:

The Great Alone is simply the worst novel I have read in years! I had such a headache every time I read a few chapters…mostly because I was hitting my head against the nearest wall. Not one character felt like a real person. This post was fun to watch. Thanks, Adam.

Lara Croft says:

I’m looking forward to your review of that unnamed and unsolicited book you are reading.

Eric Karl Anderson says:

Sounds like wetting your toes has been enough to send you crawling safely back to the whiskey-soaked bosom of 20th century fiction.
Every time you compliment my bookshelf tour it feels like you're handing me a flower. Thank you.

Rebecca McCreary says:

If You Leave Me is clearly about that dragonfly as it goes colorblind.

Rashmika Likes Books says:

Oh, Adam, you overestimate bookshelf tours. It's not anywhere near as sophisticated as Jane Eyre, the Victorian version of Twilight.

Oh no.
"Here's my signed collection of Harry Potter. Here's the first edition collection of Harry Potter. Here's the collection post the last film. Here are the illustrated editions. Here's the collection of hideous dolls."

Am i salty about Funko pops? Yes. Those things are excruciatingly ugly.

hype_word says:

Hmmm I think you're right. Forgettable trumps bad. Bad can always be argued as being subject to taste. Forgettable is just… Blah! Great video btw 😊

Laura Frey says:

Excuse you, I exclusively read David Foster Wallace while waiting for my kids at taekwondo. Lol. I grew up with a mom who kept Nora Roberts books in the car, so I get it!! Comemadre was great. There There hasn't stuck with me at all.

Lillian Nieswender says:

Great video as usual, and I completely agree with you about Michelle's channel, she is a lovely lady.  Somehow I get the impression that you don't care for Jane Eyre, can it be true!?  I hope so!  : )

Jack the Bibliophile says:

Glad to see that the 'graphic design is my passion' covers are still getting bashed – I find the bold white typeface on that one particularly offensive.
Although that American 'Killing Commendatore' cover isn't doing it for me either… although I'm sure the contents would do even less for me

Jordan Andreasen says:

Where the hell are the cats? They're the only reason I come around here anymore!

Jacqueline McMenamin says:

Autumnal sexy snark fest from our Adam . Short story recommendation
Last Stories by William Trevor.

all D books says:

The Great Alone is bad? Damn! I was steering clear of it but got the impression recently that it was one I needed. You appear to be in the unpopular opinion category with this one. I know you’re uncomfortable with that. I am scarred for life after reading my one and only Wolitzer. Hooray for West and The Overstory! Peep. OMG! A MOMENTOMORI BOOKSHELF TOUR! TOTALLY FANGIRLING! 😂😂😂

Steve Donoghue says:

How can this video have dislikes? Don't those people know the RULES???

Vix Jensen says:

“That I would like to think I put out myself”
“Do you guys agree?”


Knowledge Lost says:

10 new releases and then Haruki Murakami…Adam has sold out

RichardReads says:

I agree with you about The Great Alone, such a let down.

I really want to read The Overstory.

zmaxwell says:

Elegance? Occasionally. Positive attitude? I hope not!

Southern Biscuits says:

Please do not go all current releases on us! I look to your channel for intelligent book talk. Most of what 's being written these days should be sold in the plumbing department at Home Depot because it's pure crap! Flush that shit on down the drain! LOLOL!!

Where are the kitties?

Michelle is wonderful. I immediately go to her videos as soon as I see she has posted something new and I've never been disappointed. Her reading tastes are more wide ranging than my own but even the stuff I'm not interested in sounds interesting when she speaks of them.

Where are the kitties?

As I am sure you are aware, I avoid new releases like the plague. However, I did read Lincoln in the Bardo last year and loved it. Just a week or so on Goodreads, I saw Peg the Book Prize Addict mention a book, The Cemetery in Barnes by Gabriel Josipovici, a 2018 novel. I have Josipovici's book, Whatever Happened to Modernism. I stopped reading it because something else came along that was more intriguing. However, after reading The Cemetery in Barnes, I will return to the book on Modernism. The Cemetery in Barnes is a small novel. I read the book in one day and found it fascinating. I really think it would be a book you would appreciate.

Where are the kitties?

I had a bad experience this week with your bro, Thomas Hardy. I reread The Mayor of Casterbridge. I first read it in the 80s and really was impressed. This time reading it, I felt Hardy did a disservice to his readers by adhering to the concept of fate in presenting his story. It was quite an unenjoyable slog to finish the book. Last year I read Under the Greenwood Tree and fell in love with it's gently sarcastic attitude. Then along comes this Casterbridge book and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Glad to see another video from you. I worried you had gone AWOL again.

Where are the kitties?

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