$100,000 COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE!!! Most Valuable Comics Collection Battle!

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A lot of you guys asked to see DT’s comic book collection after seeing the Amazing Fantasy 15 in our Christmas video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FvqsQxKrVk). So we thought we’d make a challenge out of it. We have to each pick 10 comics from DT’s collection of CGC graded Marvel Silver Age comic books. Who will have the most valuable comic book collection? The winner will get to add the AF15 to their collection.

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EvanTubeHD says:

Thanks for watching. Leave a LIKE if you want more comic book videos!

Grow A Greener Family says:

i have loot crate one

randy ogle says:

Action comics today costs about 1.4 million dollars they are very lucky to have one of them in their presents more or less in their hands.

Mark Aejy Gragasin says:

Jill thinks it's a competition

Ethan Stewart says:

Action comics is worth more

Mit Patel says:

Action comic is the rarest but marvel comics are better

Poulina Dominguez says:

I got 160,560 dollars

xXnitro_joltXx Ks says:

They have the freaking action comics book

Nancy Judickas says:


Green Arrow says:

Make more comic book videos!😊

Solo says:

I almost got 100k

Mandy Bell says:

I LOVE all of marvel but dc i hate

Oliver Is weird says:

4 minutes in and they haven’t picked super man the FIRST issue 9.8 rating

Kalpana Pitrola says:

you should get tintin comics AWESOME!

manokaran rengasamy says:

Pls giveaway

Cookie _ says:

Thogan igerson where are u thogan!!!

Nominick2 Hanley says:

Both iron man action comics hulk

Kamar's Toys says:

I Like spider man TO

Brennon Soto says:

Love this video!!! PLEASE make another one!!!!

Dominic 2326 says:

I can see them in pawn stars 20 years later

Kenley Beaudry says:

Did anyone notice that daddy tube looked like tony stark

Daniel Corbisiero says:

I want to see a new comic book channel
Like if you want to see one to

chris brown says:

How lucky is DT to have Stan Lee's autograph

Isaiah Fisher says:

Can you do a comic book part 2

BBYT, YT says:

Spider-Man Spider-Man Spider-Man I like him I like him!!!!!!!!!!

alexdeluna1978 says:

Daredevil and action comics and x men and hulk and the amazing spider man

ThatArtisticBoi says:

I have LOADS of Uncanny X-Men comics, and a Spider man and the power pack comic, 1984

jimm beech says:

Such a great video, I have 4 girls and we all collect together. Well done.

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