10 Writing Tips from Stephen King for Screenwriters and Writers

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Stephen King On Writing interview collection of Screenwriting Lessons with George Rr Martin and others. Many of his short stories and books were adapted into movies like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, It, The Stand, The Shining, Carrie, Misery, Stand by Me, Pet Sematary,…

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – If you don’t succeed get a bigger nail
1:28 – Write 6 pages a day
3:12 – Go where the story leads you
5:08 – The good ideas will stay with you
6:17 – First you read and copy other writers, then little by little you develop your own style
7:02 – Writing is self hypnosis, you need to have a routine
7:25 – Start with short stories and let them develop into novels or screenplays
8:27 – Learn to write for different mediums
10:27 – Look for ideas that you would really enjoy writing for longer periods
11:11 – Get immersed in your writing process until the outside world is gone
12:35 – Outro

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M.S. 88 says:

"Pet Sematary" introduced me to Mr. King's works.. Thanks SK for the countless late nights. Live long and prosper! 🖖

Talon Tee says:

Use the word stucco in every single book you write like him and you will be rich.

Satirical says:

Young Stephen King is both cursed and blessed

TheCult OFdionysus says:

I am not hating, I respect his work but he kinda looks like the cringe

BlackWolf6420 says:

That look at the end. Wonder if Jack Nicholson had studied it? 🧐 You know what I am saying?

Kaela Creighton says:

I'm not talented. I'd say I'm super proud of DOH, even though it's horrible. It was my first. It took three days to write, and dammit, I'll always be proud of that trash. Sometimes I can't do anything. I will say that the breeze and temp were so wonderful that I felt it all day. I don't have the luxury of doing this considering that sometimes my brain is horrible.

Arya Hafiz Saputra says:


GoldenOracle64 says:

Presenting the most overrated author that ever lived!!

SendTheAsteroid says:

“Entropy tries to intervene”

Chv Hndrtntlr says:

Every writer have their own way to write just find what suit you, you can try to copy it but as time goes by you will find that your own way is better

Ashley Irwin says:

11:1112:30 is sheer Jack Torrence…the best characters have bits of you in them because it makes them that much more genuine.

Lonnie and Becka Jones says:

I am a varatious reader!!! I love being a self published author and you Stephen have inspired me. Thank you!!!
When I was 10 years old I was reading your books!!! 🤣😂 you are an inspiration as a successful author.

Itinerant Patriot says:

I'm new to fiction writing and the thing is, I've never been a fan of fiction, beyond Steven King of course and Dickens and Steinbeck who I read as a kid and loved. I've read a lot of history and the good history writers are very good story tellers so I guess I kind of fall back on that a bit.

But I have always loved movies. When I write, I tend to think of my story as a movie. I have no idea how a screenplay should be written. Let's see if I can get a novel published before branching out. But even I end up with a bigger nail than he had for the rejection notices I'll still stay at it. I love it that much and I am very proud of my most recent work. If my story and the characters I have created only live on my computer so be it. To steal from John Lennon, it's my Strawberry Fields and I don't think I could ever get more honest with anything I ever write.

Thanks for the inspiration Steven. And thanks for uploading this.

Saïdo Beno says:

George has built a whole new world filled with characters no wonder he takes longer time to write lol

Roman Korvinus says:

For lyricist the first two lines are key. The hope is placing a catch phrase within the body. Editing is bad. And its best if you are interacting with a person while trying to grasp a particular concept. As for being a voracious reader. I didn't read my first book till I was 27. Firestarter. By then I had wrote over 400 sets of lyrics. Many of which are still being recorded to this day.

Genius by Design PRESS says:

getting drunk & stupid and getting run over is NOT 1 ?

Esther Miller says:

It is now Tuesday, the 10th of August of 2021. I just began reading his latest novel….Billy Summers…..(only because I read that it’s not a horror story…..cause I tired of those)……&, as always, this one started out riveting & almost impossible to put down! I will sell it for $10 when I’m finished. Steven King is a genius as a story teller!! 👍🏻🇨🇦😉

Qin Des says:

That’s the alcheholic with terrible writing consistency that people worship right? I think I’m good of the advice of someone who writes worse fiction that kids I met in high school. And if you feel like saying anything, how did he get the poster back on the wall? .-. Yea… an idiot show like family guy can make fun of the issues with this guys book.

Ujuani68 says:

He only has one thing against him: De-forestation!
His mega-page books AND the amount, they are sold at!🤣

Ghostfactory 5 says:

Meteor shit!

Screenplay App says:

Stephen King is the KING.

William Fog von Qualen says:

The answer to george rr martins question is probably that stephen king writes stand alone books but martin has to fit his series into a world and storyline and back story that already exists. In some ways im sure thats an advantage but its definitely also an advantage to just write stuff and make a back story/world that fits

Vivek Prasad says:

The thumbnail shows the inner IT in him

عبد الحميد محمد علي says:

"You know what I am saying…"

Arnav Mishra says:

Even I love to start with a little bit of idea and then the story leads to a good end.

Chri Bur says:

Nothing like taking professional tips from s.o. whose writing superpower was to be drunk all the time. I adore his storylines though 😉


great video I really enjoyed this one it is very informative and I'm your new subscriber thanks for sharing

Krishn says:

He writes for 3 hours a day…I call bs

Renee Catherine Sapin says:

Thank you Molly's Dad! 🤗 …. "This dumb old world Earth/no hope for Humanity!" How sad for Humans.

😉 How Grateful For Authors/Writers!

GippyHappy says:

Love how you formatted the video, straight to the point and very informative!

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