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Hi! Hope you enjoy this recommendation video where fellow readers tell you what they think are the best adult fantasy books!

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Game of Thrones:
The Witcher:
Lord of the Rings:
Kings of the Wyld:
Assassin’s Apprentice:
The Lies of Locke Lamora:
The Fifth Season:
Night Circus:
The House In The Cerulean Sea:
City of Brass:
The Name Of The Wind:
The Cloud Road:
The Priory of the Orange Tree:
The Blade Itself:
Poppy War:
Jade City:
The Rage of Dragons:
Crescent City:
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell:
A Darker Shade of Magic:
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Book Roast says:

Hi all! Thank you so much for watching and also recommending your favourites to each other! I love doing this series! ^^
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G x

Daria Nowak says:

Black Jewels by anne Bishop

Ema Lemon says:

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is amazing!! The first book is awful and he has admitted that himself, but the series gets so much better and there are so many points that just blow your mind, particularly if you're a King fan.


This was amazing. Thank you for this

Adrianna Prejna says:

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Mr. Norrell is the last practicing magician in England. He's very full of himself, however doesn't have the charisma to pull it off. He takes on an apprentice, Jonathan Strange, whom he becomes very threatened by. He's talented, humble about his abilities, and charismatic. What ensues is a power play between the two until they are forced to work together towards the end to defeat a malintended Fae.
It a beast of a book and much of the first half is focused on Mr. Norrell who is not meant to be a well-liked character, but stick with it. On audible it's 34(?) hours long if that gives you an idea of the length.

Angie R says:

So many YA titles in this “Adult Fantasy” list tho 😑

musicluvr646 says:

The gold moon cycle on the red edges of the bottom book in the thumbnail are so beautiful. Is that crescent city? Where did you get that version?

Richard Dominguez says:

I enjoyed this post very much, but I do have a question, when I rate on Goodreads I can only rate in whole numbers 1 – 5, how are you seeing a rating of 4.24 on Goodreads?

joshua hooker says:

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Bre Venanzio says:

Wait but I also thought Locke Lamora was about a lake before I actually picked it up and read the description, and I don’t live in Scotland 😂

Lindsey Marie says:

Heads up on Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norell….slow burn and so long. I like long books and a lot of time spent on characters and even loved the plot but MAN it just felt so much longer than was necessary. Just a heads up going into that one! 😅

ke_nickie says:

i’m so happy Foundryside made it on the list!! such a great series I wish more people would read ☺️ (it also has a f/f romance)

The Nihilist Geek says:

I am surprised there were so few recommendations for Wheel of Time, Dresden Files and Malazan Book of the Fallen

The Stars says:

Romantic/ romance

Jordin Stephens says:

Well now I’m ordering lights 😭

Lady Jane Books says:

I love your lights on the bookshelves! The background is do festive! The Night Circus has been on my TBR forever!

The Ketogenic Diet says:

I found a little gem of a young adult fantasy. It’s new (2020) and relatively unheard of, at least I’ve never heard of the author. It’s called Sea of Monsters and revolves around a father who goes on an epic sea voyage to catch the giant octopus, the kraken. I really enjoyed it, surprisingly. Not normally my type but it gripped me. It also explores some deep themes that I think a young adult would find useful, such as overcoming fear and persevering despite the odds. Definitely recommend it, and it’s a fairly short read too. Might be done with it in a couple of days. I was! Check it out on Amazon here:

Emilie Anderssen says:

So many good recommendations in this video! Still got to get to the City of Brass, Robin Hobb and Foundryside.

Rachel White says:

All awesome! Just missing Mistborn.

Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto says:

How is there no Brandon Sanderson on this list? The Stormlight Archive is by far the best modern fantasy series in the making nowadays. Also The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan (and also Sanderson for the last few books)

Michael VanderZand says:

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is fantastic and the footnotes are strangely (no pun intended) the best part. Susanna Clarke created an amazing history of magic which is told anecdotally mostly through those footnotes and they are unique as a world building tool in my reading experience. If you like it as much as I did there is a collection of short stories in the same universe (featuring more female leads) and a BBC television adaptation I also adored.

Her second novel, Piranesi, just released and 15 years in the making, is sadly not a sequel and is much shorter. The author has battled a disease that makes her constantly fatigued. I am about to read it myself and it seems to be the perfect book about someone who's life is spent in solitude, released while Covid Quarantines are fresh in our memories and written by someone with a unique understanding of the topic. Enjoy!

Keith says:

Random heads up crescent city by Sarah j maas was not her best creation. Try reading one of her first 2 series first because they are so so good.

Keith says:

I dont understand… i dont like any of branson sanderson books but so many people does.

Rebecca Cutler says:

Terry Goodkind. Wizard First rule

Kitta P. says:

Robert Holdstock's Merlin series should be here as well as Hal Duncan's Vellum and Ink. Only two books so not really a series but one of my all time favorites.

Kitta P. says:

Jonathan Strange and mr Norrell is amazing. You should read it. Now.

Slidwayz says:

You make it very hard not to spend money on books! Just ordered the 10th anniversary addition “The Name Of The Wind” on your recommendation! Excited to read it, it’s been on my list for a while! And the 10th an book is gorgeous!!!! Thank you!!

Kirby Hansen says:

Robin hobbs books are amazing

Travis Minger says:

No Wheel of Time?

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