WITCHY BOOK CLUB – Green Witch // Chapters 1-2

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Join me next Monday LIVE here on YouTube at 9am est. for part 2 of The Witchy Book Club! We were are reading the beautiful Green Witch Book by Murphy-Hiscock and we will go over chapters 3-4. Hope to see you there!

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Peridot Rain says:

i posted in the chat earlier about having 2 copies of this book… if there is someone who wants a copy and cant afford it or don't have a way to go buy it, i am giving one of my books away….i bought it a week before i got my box and didn't know i would be getting a copy from witches moon as well…. just email me at djiceyfan@hotmail.com and put green witch book in the subject area so i can find the email easily….i do not usually do this kind of thing online but i don't know anyone close to me that practices and i like to help people and give when I'm able….this happens to be one of those times… =)

Louise Meintjes says:

Lol… I am blessed to have picked this book as my very first virgen read and step into this new world and every word I read was like puzzle pieces fitting into place for an individual who has NEVER EVER fit in anywhere. So excited!!

Montana Saunders says:

Really good book I enjoyed this so much

Windy Lenard says:

love your channel! just starting to explore my craft. Thank you for all the info!

April Turner says:

Just ordered the book and I'm watching this video! I'm new to witch craft so I'm excited to see where this path takes me.

Shywitch says:

When I am out on special days I get like this pain in my left shoulder blade as well. And I try to massage it and it helps a little.
It might be telling me that the team I have picked will win.
This has happened a couple of times for me.

Shywitch says:

One day I will get this book it might take awhile but I will own it. It is just a matter of finding it and if I get it new I will put it on layby. Or if I see it secondhand.

Shywitch says:

I love taking photos of whatever takes my eye and it is mainly flowers, birds,bugs and the beautiful sunrise.
Sometimes I will take a photo of sunset.

Shywitch says:

I don't eat a lot of meat. If there is enough for just two people I will give my foster mother and her other half the meat and I just eat vegies and do some rice with it.

Shywitch says:

I dry out flowers to make my own body oils. I got the idea from annointing oils on youtube and now I have a few bottles I am using now.

Shywitch says:

I don't have it yet but one day when I do see it I will buy it or put it on layby.

Psychic Refugee says:

How would you make an "earth shrine and or water shrine"

debbie Souvatzis says:

What is whichy music ?

debbie Souvatzis says:

Yay !!! Vegan !! Yay 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍❤️❤️❤️that’s so cool !! Iam vegan !!!

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