Winter Deserved Better /// Wings of Fire Book 10: Darkness of Dragons Review /// *spoilers*

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Wings of Fire Book 10: Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland

Winter is my baby, and I love him with all my heart. Winter could do SO much better than Moon in my sweet lil’ opinion. Just so that he can have someone who will appreciate his sacrifices a little more.

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Tui t Sutherland said that Tsunami and Riptide are in a long distance relationship

Nathaniel Ferneau says:

And why is she thinking that she gets to rate the books? Tui Sutherland wrote it. She probably can't write it better but maybe……?She trailed off

Nathaniel Ferneau says:

Ok I think winterwatcher was the best ship

Jose Retana says:

Just like vanoss once said, moon and qibli happened during off season, so it never happened

Darkshadow the Nightwing says:

You: Winter is my baby, and I love him with all my heart.
Me: Your Winter mom?

Darkshadow the Nightwing says:

Moonwatcher: Well I know who has a crush on Win-
Me: Goodbye cruel world

Camila Luzette says:

Ok, I just wanna say something, and omg I JUST GOT THE BOOKS at COSTCO I have book 9 am like why did I not get book 1 so I took book 9 bc it a really cool book so I keep them till now NOW I HAVE book 1 to 9 YEEEEEEEEEEEET!! love is video !!!
AM reading book 1 – 6

Camila Luzette says:

I love I have the Graphic Novel all 3 there an also Book "4" coming out on Date — Dec-29th !! CANT WAIT LOOK AT WINGS OF FIRE WIKII FANDOM!!

Pink Diamond's Pearl says:

If you read on, you would have seen the absolute gay treasure that is a lesbian protagonist who outright states and talks to and interacts with her girlfriend, in book 13.

Cordell Prior says:

if Tui read this, I don't know how she would react

Алёшка Емельянов says:

Любить эту женщину

Алёшка Емельянов

Любить эту женщину – петь беспричинно,
быть истинным Богом, создателем вся,
в уме не иметь тоскований и тины,
цвести лепестково средь пыли, овса!

Любить эту женщину – быть, как колибри,
и пить из бутонов чистейший нектар,
иль, сердце до шара на небе расширив,
парить, ощущая рубиновый жар!

Любить эту женщину – знать о природе
и быть милосердным и щедрым, собой,
принять всё живое, людские породы,
смотреть с упоеньем на диск золотой!

Любить эту женщину – в космос поверить
и голос божественный в птице узнать,
мечтам, запредельям не видеть барьеров,
творения божьи с добром созерцать!

Любить эту женщину – вслух любоваться
фонтанами, берегом, вкусом конфет,
кружить и притом на земле оставаться,
искать на вопросы вселенной ответ!

Любить эту женщину – чувствовать вволю
приятности, ясность и лёгкость, покой,
примерить уют, соучастную долю,
которых доселе не ведал с другой!


Silky Navy says:

You know the only reason I wanted WinterWatcher to happen is because Winter and Moon could make the NightWings and IceWings not hate each other I know my reasoning sounds stupid
Edit: also I love Winter he’s my baby for life so is Sundew and Starflight

Annabell S says:

My FAVORITE character is winter! 💔

Annabell S says:

I'm not saying that I dint what moon and quibl to be together 😢 but I what winter and quibl to be together 😢

SV Prime says:

Technically Winter has Sanctuary to do what he loves to do……observe scavengers……../OBSERVE US!

Hollo and Friends says:

Alright, don't hate me for this. Winter needs more love, I know Qibli has a sad backstory but people like moonbli because winter shouts at moon but to be honest, Winter threw his life away for her and she chose Qibli because he's nice and all that but winter only shouts at moon because of his VERY abusive and traumatic past, and also people kind of forget about winter after qibli confessed, but the jade winglet not telling him about Peacemaker because they DON'T trust him is just straight-up sad, i feel like moonbli was kind of forced #istandforwinter #winterwatcher

Melissa Workman says:

Winter I’m sad

mr hempco says:

Me a Winterwatcher hardcore shipper: FANFICTION!

Marlena Rodenberg says:

Kay, so I don't wanna type to long, I'm just gonna say a few things:
Winter went and fought with his family, and COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED, even though they basicly hate him. He only legit has two dragons now, ever since the jade singlet dumped him, and he's only allowed to see ONE OF THEM. ONE DRAGON.

Charlene C says:

tbh i think maybe it would've been like moon saw quibli as like a brother, or a goofy friend or maybe she would just kindly reject him. and i agree, her reasoning to choose quibli was childish and made me very disappointed. also maybe quibli could just go back to being extra loyal to thorn. maybe he realized it wasnt worth it or maybe it wouldnt work out.

Jean Duro says:

i hate the last book with quibi and moon what about winter

Luke McNamara says:

8:33 this is a piece of advice that everyone should take

Luke McNamara says:

Finally someone else who felt that the Moonbli romance was well written.

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