Why You Should Read: The Dark Tower by Stephen King

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Mike talks about how Stephen King’s Dark Tower became the series that got him back into the fantasy genre and why you should read it.

0:04 Introduction and Reading Excerpt
1:43 Series Info and Personal Background With the Series
5:21 What Is It About?
6:58 What Makes it Good or Bad?
15:35 Why You Should Read It
19:10 Final Thoughts

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Mike's Book Reviews says:

Long days and pleasant nights, gunslingers and lobstrosities! I'm beyond excited to talk Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, with you. Any questions, please feel free to drop them below and I say thankee-sai.

Aundrea Shaffer says:

The greatest series of books ever…just my humble opinion

Kakashi Hatake says:

This is a very good and a very bad series at the same time..if that makes sense. The last two books can make a man change his heart..

Thomas Baxter says:

Gonna have another go at these….read Gunslinger a few years ago and felt the Roland was based on Clint Eastwood's man with no name. Then started book 2 and for some reason felt that Roland had turned into Crocodile Dundee…not a good look……..

Elvis Henry says:

Never understood the hate for the "real" ending. King told you to stop reading and enjoy the ending you wanted, if you chose to read on and find out what really happens don't be mad. I thought the real ending was amazing and every time you do a read through you pick up more and more clues of what was to come. The Dark Tower to me is my favorite series/story of all time!

Austin Moore says:

When I first read the ending, I was pissed. Then I began to think about it more and I’ve come to actually like it. I think my issues now are more about a few events that take place before the ending. Specifically, the fates of two major enemies….

Lenon Kitchens says:

I absolutely hated the Dark Tower series. Anybody can write a bunch of confusing, unrelated, weird, deus ex machina bullshit, and throw it together in a timeline that makes very little sense at all. Then, to add insult to injury, both King, and the novels themselves hand wave any mistakes and/or poor writing by just saying, "Well, it doesn't have to make sense because reality is falling apart". What a cop out.

Literally the only author in the world that could get away with publishing this dumpster fire is King, and only because of name recognition. I flat out guarantee you if any unpublished author presented this script, they would be roundly mocked for thinking it was publishable. I would go so far as to say these novels would be a massive fail in any higher level writing class at any university.

I did finish the series. Three times in fact. I read it a second time because I thought there's just no way it could as bad as I thought the first time through. Then I read it a final time just to make absolutely sure I wasn't missing anything. It's not a masterpiece, it's Stephen King playing his audience for fools.

Edit: And also, Roland is a Mary Sue…

Omar Salman says:

I recently started the series. The first book was a bit difficult to get through (I thought it was kind of boring). The second was quite good. Just started the third, and I think I am starting to really love it!
Other than this, the only SK I have read is The Stand, It (read those last year) and Insomnia (read that one almost 15 years ago, my first SK ever). I hope it is good enough to go on.

bmriverrat11 says:

Im at Song of Susannah right now and as Mainah that lives a couple towns over from his home town drive passed Lisbon High School Every day I can tell you with very much Confidence that Midworld is Maine. I was disappointed with the Movie but I think the Actors that played Roland and Walter nailed it. I also think it's more than fantasy it's a western sci-fi it's Adventure thriller drama all rolled into one.

Eva Webb says:

Been reading king since the 80s.

Eva Webb says:

The ending makes you think and then think some more.

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