White Teeth by Zadie Smith | Book Review

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AMB Bell says:

I enjoyed White Teeth. I thought it was humorous during different parts. Thanks for sharing.

Cameron Mahoney says:

I agree with you about the book's female characters. Trudging through passages on Millat's masculine/fundamentalist angst, I often wondered, "what is Clara or Irie doing?"

Angela Walton-Raji says:

I am reading this book and I am not enjoying it. It has taken me days to get through the first 100 pages, and I am hoping that a real plot will surface. I will give it another 25 pages before I abandon it entirely. This is the first Zadie Smith that I have read. I hope that her other works are better.

rincey reads says:

Thank you! And I hadn't heard of The Buddha of Suburbia before, I will need to look that up!

GentleYeti says:

I wrote a comparative essay of this and The Buddha of Suburbia (Hanif Kureishi) while in College. They still remain firmly implanted in my memory and are among my favourite books ever!
I thought your review was excellent and concise 🙂

Grace Eickmeyer says:

I would love to know someone who read and liked it and why they did. I think it's worth trying since you have it. Maybe you can bring a new perspective. But if you don't like it, feel free to give up and come commiserate!

rincey reads says:

Man I've heard nothing but negative things about On Beauty, I might just skip over it and read NW instead.

TheBibliophile says:

I just saw this comment, and I wanted to say that I completely agree about On Beauty. I absolutely hated it, and because of this, I've been really reluctant to read White Teeth. I'm glad to know you found White Teeth better.

Grace Eickmeyer says:

I just finished this book and am thinking about reviewing it, but I think I have some of the same feelings as you. Also, I would give On Beauty a huge miss. I hated it. I can see some similarities in setup to White Teeth (biracial marriage, exploration of immigration, identity, migration, focusing on multiple families) but it is just so frustrating. White Teeth was a delight compared to that book.

MrRyno95 says:

It's Irie!

rincey reads says:

Oh that is really interesting because I have heard so many people say they didn't like it, but maybe those are people who read White Teeth first and prefer it

1book1review says:

Now that sounds promising. I read it because a friend of mine loved it so much and raved about it nonstop…

rincey reads says:

I've heard that On Beauty is one of Zadie Smith's worse books so you might enjoy this one better

1book1review says:

hmm, this sounds interesting. I never bothered with this books as I really didn't like On Beauty. I thought it was overrated, it felt cliche to me. So skipped this, but it sounds better than that…

rincey reads says:

I added it to my wishlist so hopefully I wil be able to check it out soon

booksandpieces says:

You should totally try reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali – I read both that and White Teeth quite close together and they were both so good. Brick Lane mostly follows just the one female character so there's less of that jumping around feeling than you get in White Teeth.

Brown Girl Reading says:

I'm not telling you not to read it, but be wary it's not like White Teeth. Can't wait to hear what you think.

Derek McDow says:

Zadie's pretty boss! Great comments.

rincey reads says:

Anytime the story talked about Alsana, Hortence, Clara, and Irie, I flew through the chapters. Anytime it was about Samad, I dreaded the read. I definitely understand pitying him, but I really despised him too much to pity him. Archie I didn't hate but didn't love.

rincey reads says:

Exactly. I would love, especially, significantly less Samad. I could handle Archie a little bit more than Samad

rincey reads says:

No worries, I didn't really have the time for it either.

rincey reads says:

That is how I felt, too! But I finally just decided to give it a try

rincey reads says:

I definitely would love to hear what you think of the book if you get around to it

rincey reads says:

haha yeah exactly, i always just enjoy the stories of women a little bit more

rincey reads says:

YES. I completely agree with everything you said. 🙂

rincey reads says:

I think I might still read On Beauty because I want to at least give it a go and see how I feel on it, but I feel like I'll read NW before it

Bridget Stemmler says:

i completely agree that the female characters were much more compelling than the male ones. i almost wish there was less focus on archie and samad they were really irritating a lot of the time. great review!

read susie read says:

Excellent review Rincey! I'm sorry we didn't get around to NW this month. I'm going to have to set aside some time for Ms. Zadie Smith.

Brown Girl Reading says:

Welcome to the world of Zadie Smith. I like what she does. NW is supposed to be even more difficult than White Teeth. I found White Teeth a comfortable read overall and thought it was brilliant. As for On Beauty, I pass. I found that novel too simple and unfinished in a way. I think she tried to write a novel in a typical manner but it was missing all the charm of Zadie Smith's writing. However the topic was interesting. I still have The Autograph Man and NW which I'd like to read soon.

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