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hi friends !! you’ve been asking to see my stephen king collection and i get asked almost everyday what novels i suggest for readers new to king so here we are! let me know what my next king read should be 🤡


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Melanie Gipp says:

The first King book I read was Carrie and I loved it. I’ve only recently started to read his books and he is an amazing author! At the moment I’m reading IT and it’s truly spectacular, any suggestions for what I should read next?

E. Gaborovna says:

You got me into Stephen King. Your enthusiasm about his works contagious and I got a copy of The Shining couple of weeks ago. I have read it and I absolutely loved it!
I haven't seen the movie before reading it so I experienced to its full extent. Afterwards I have watched the movie and really hated the movie. But the book is still amazing! I'm planning to read Pet Sematary next.

Amanda says:

Lisey’s Story is my favourite King novel, but The Green Mile is also really good.

Alexis Whittaker says:

Pleaaassssee read the Long Walk by King

Jillian M says:

Joyland is actually underrated, and a really good one! Also I love 11 22 63

Jillian M says:

Misery is also my favourite King novel! It’s so great!,

Christin Selle says:

All of my Stephen King books were passed to me when my grandma passed away in 2013! Most are the older paperback artworks and SO loved!

Jacob Stringham says:

I started with some of his longest books: It, The Stand, Under the Dome, The Dead Zone. Then it just kept getting more diverse, I got into the Richard Bachman books and all the books revolving around the Dark Tower series. Eventually my goal is to read every King book! 🙂

Manda Lyn Reads says:

so assuming ive read the shining, pet semetary, and misery… which King should I read next?

Emilia Castelli says:

Mr Mercedes, AKA the Hodges trilogy, it's gold

Literary Lightweight says:

New subscriber here 😀 Loved this video!! I'm a big King reader. Under the Dome is my favorite of his but many people don't like the ending :/ I think my favorite vintage cover is the mass market paperback of Night Shift that has the bandaged hand with eyes on the fingers. Absolutely love that cover and it's one of my favorites in my collection. My favorite newer cover of his is Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which is gorgeous!!

Plus, I just got a tattoo of one of my favorite quotes from On Writing. Glad to hear it's a favorite of yours!

Mary Among Stories says:

Misery and Pet Sematary were the first ones I read and I loved both!

Adam Sweeney says:

King's short stories are great, you're missing out.

Mothgender says:

I love love love Pet Sematary so much

Drinking By My Shelf says:

Sad fact about teenage Emma: when I tried to watch The Shining movie, I got absolutely terrified – not from the movie but from the TITLE CARDS that pop up saying things like WEDNESDAY. They appear so suddenly it made me burst into tears from fright. Since then I've never tried again but I did love Pet Sematary so maybe I should give The Shining book a go!

Becky Peel says:

AHHH my partner and I read Bazaar of bad dreams by reading a story (or at least part of it) each night, it was a lot of fun! Would recommend ☺️

Ilgınsu Yeşil says:

Hi, I’ve never heard about your YT channel before it was recommended and I just wanna say you are really beautiful 😮 love Stephen King btw great video.

Jared Jams says:

Before you listed them I assumed your top 3 would be Carrie, ‘Salem’s Lot, and The Shining. I have a book with all those in one. They’re all good introductions as well.

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