Where to get short science fiction & fantasy

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My favourite places to get short SFF. Shiny.


Iva S. says:

Thank you so much for this!

A Blackbird's Books says:

This is a great video! I'm definitely coming back to this video whenever I want to read a short story!

Soren Krane says:

I started listening to Pod Castle last night. It's brilliant! Thank you for steering me toward it.

Javi O says:

Good stuff. How about Asimov's and Analog? I'm pretty sure they're still around.

tarabyt3 says:

I subscribed to Clarkesworld for about a year, but I ended up quitting my subscription because I just wasn't feeling it, but I've been interested in the Chinese push. I've never heard of interzone, actually! I'll definitely look into that.

I love the short story as a vehicle for SFF because it does, as you said, allow for the pushing of boundaries that novels are less forgiving of. Not only that but their short form really lets them pack a powerful punch. Not that I don't love SF novels, of course I do, but I think they shine in short form. Ugh. NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE WORLD.

Is there a short sff piece that your mind always comes to first when someone asks your favorite? I feel like there are so many I love, but the one that always comes to mind FIRST (and at random moments otherwise) is Theodore Sturgeon's "Microcosmic God" which has stuck with me for years and years and demanded reread after reread. <3

Marta Sanders says:

I got really excited watching this video, it's like a whole new world and I've never heard of it before! I'm definitely going to check out some of these places. Thanks for sharing!

Book Escapism says:

This was awesome ! I've known about some of the options you mentioned but definitely going to check out the others:)

flyingCars onMars says:

I love the topic, the presentation & the content. I have to say though, I hate the popping that accompanies the graphics.

Latriise says:

Thanks so much for filming this and compiling all this info. I love sff and had only heard of one of the places you mentioned. So now I have a ton more to check out. I'm excited!

mariongnd says:

Once again, I've opened a lot of tabs on my internet browser while watching your video in order to keep track of everything. Maybe it's a good thing that I live in France and can't get some of the magazine, because I would have bankrupted myself subscribing to all of them.

Paul Weymouth says:

thanks for the recommendations!  I didn't know about podcastle, so that is awesome.  I really need to read more shorts.  I used to get Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine but stopped a few years back.  I feel bad about that because I want to support them but there is so much online anymore.  Anyway, thanks for the info. 

Let's Read says:

Yay Clarkesworld! The other ones are new to me, but much excitement and jubilations!

Nicole's Adventures in SFF says:

I was thinking about filming a video similar to this at some point. Since I've started talking about the short fiction I read in my weekly wrap-up, I've noticed there's a fair number of people who are interested in short fiction, but don't know where to find it.

SteveReadsBooks says:

Always a delight, you are. I've been totes interested in Uncanny Magazine since you mentioned it on Twitter. Sounds rad.

Effusions of Wit says:

Loved the dancing at the end. And also the content!! I am definitely checking some of these publications out!

SuperStrange Shadow says:

Can you do a video where you drink beer again which you did several videos ago? It was fun:)

Christopher R. Alonso says:

So I actually submitted to a the online magazines you mentioned. Responses were less than desirable haha
It's great to see short fiction being talked about! 

1book1review says:

should I be ashamed that I have not heard of any of that? …. Hmm, no, because now I can go and browse them 😀

BreeReadsBooks says:

Escape Pod sounds so cool. Definitely need to check it out. I'm so excited for the upcoming Clarkesworlds with translations. 

Yesica1993 says:

Thank you for this! I've never been a fan of short stories in general, just because I like to live with characters and in a world for a while. But for some reason, I don't mind short sci-fi. (I just need to seek out more of it!)

Phil On The Hill says:

Newcon press do loads of good anthologies. http://newconpress.co.uk/

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