Where To Begin: Classics, Literary Fiction, and Memoir

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Where to begin with classic literature, literary fiction, and memoir.

Where To Begin: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUMxkOTS9WyGL8UD4ski75-mNyWghNOjo

Introductions to other genres and sub-genres: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUMxkOTS9WyGkgK6xh0sv8Yf5uTGKsfZ5

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Climb The Stacks is a video series and blog dedicated to literature, featuring reviews and analysis of literary fiction, classic literature, and memoir.


susiesputnik says:

Now I feel that life is going to be too short to read all these great books! Thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews.

TheTasneemali says:

Nice 🙃🙂

Sandra Camacho says:

Do you think you could make a video of your favorite Forewords/Introductions?
I know it is an odd request, but I have not seen anyone talk about this at all. I know that I loved reading The War of the Worlds Introduction my Karl Kroeber. I'm not sure if you have ever read one that stood out to you or made you really interested in the coming story.

apope06 says:

Very very creepy how shes naming all of my favorite books that ive bought.

Zuleyka Malave says:

Where to begin in order to improve you’re vocabulary

Doug Moring says:

I'm curious as to about how many books that you read in a year? Thanks.

KarenLaVar1 says:

Will you do a video or put out a list on the best classics for a teen girl? Thank you for your help.

Aline Galhardo says:

I've just found your channel. I'm Brazilian and I teach English here. I'm also really into literature and I simply loved your videos. They've definetely inspired me. Well done!

Gvantsa Chaduneli says:

Virginia Woolf is so hard to read (because of writing style- stream of consciousness), I don't think it's something to begin with 🙁

Jayna Lascaibar says:

I just adore Zora Neale Hurston. She is phenomenal and people like to ignore her in the conversations of both feminism and race since she was so comfortable with herself in an era when most weren't. I think that Kurt Vonnegut's memoir A Man Without a Country would be a nice start too. It is short and quite funny. I think it took just over an hour to read.

Rotting Slacker says:

Refreshing to see this selection of recommendations. Ecstatic to see Oscar Wao on a list with Hemingway, Hurston, and Baldwin.

Isaac F. says:

I was so happy to see The Remains of the Day on this list. I've read Never Let Me Go by the same author and it will forever be one of my favorite books. I have been meaning to read some of his other novels and now have a clear idea of which one to start with.

thenameismac1 says:

As far as memoirs go, I really enjoy them and some of my fave are anything by David Sedaris, Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, and Angela's Ashes and/or T'is by Frank McCourt.

Alia says:

You must be the deepest booktuber.

Eric Valenzuela says:

I think it would be helpful if you made the distinction between modern and contemporary… And what with the regional dialect the nature of the narration, I am positively certain that There Eyes Were Watching God can not be considered classic

Karina E says:

fantastic video!

Literally Graphic says:

Great picks! Just discovered my library has a digital edition of March for download so I'm blaming you if I don't get anything else done today! 🙂

Lauren Wade says:

Some fantastic recommendations, as always! I have to say though – I had no idea that Rosa Parks's protest was planned. We learnt about it at school as though it was spontaneous as well, and that just struck me as such a seemingly small, but actually quite important distinction! I guess the way I was taught it made it seem like a single person's brave stance against oppression, but it actually demeans the whole civil rights movement when you don't look at the wider planning and strategy of the whole group. 
It makes it appear much more lucky and that 'perhaps public opinion was just naturally turning that way anyway' rather than a conscious effort to change things, and that really diminishes the work and effort behind it.

OHxXxSNAP13 says:

Hi there we met at vidcon! Great video! I don't read many classics. But you make me want to read more!

Abby Reads says:

This is awesome– I've been trying to get into more classics. Thank you, Ashley!

Eilinor Rigby says:

Really nice and helpful video! I have to admit I haven't read a lot of American literature, but you really make me with to start. Thanks for the new input!

Ashley Gillespie says:

Went immediately to the library on my lunch hour and picked up The Remains of the Day and Farenheit 451!

Thank you for getting me out of my reading slump!!

gretchen0719 says:

Great video! Thanks for the suggestions.

BelladonnaBooks says:

My favorite memoir is On Writing by Stephen King. It's so inspiring to hear about his struggles before Carrie took off. On Writing is also a guide for writers so it's definitely something to check out!

lilypad says:

A Moveable Feast was my first Hemingway, and I'm glad I read it first. It sucked me straight into 1920's Paris, and I loved it.

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