When the Book is Better than the Movie (Feat. Lindsay Ellis) | It's Lit!

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It’s an age-old debate: The Book vs. The Movie
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Since the dawn of cinema, film has been sort of the little brother of the more heady, intellectual medium of novels. And many film adaptations of literature leave viewers and critics saying… “The book was better.” But why do adaptations of beloved stories tend not to live up to the source material?

Hosted by Lindsay Ellis

Written by Lindsay Ellis and Angelina Meehan
Directed & animated by Andrew Matthews
Produced by Amanda Fox
Executive Producer: Adam Dylewski
Music and Sound Design: Eric Friend
Hand Model: Katie Graham
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Produced by PBS Digital Studios


Max Baker-Reid says:

Do one on horror lit! ☺🧡☺🧡

Carlos Almonacid says:

Funny thing about the original roger rabbit book. The author wrote two followup books, but they were sequels to the movie not the original book

breathin • 210 years later says:

The only movie that was as equally as good as the book is "holes"the movie and book are so similar. No huge differences at all.

breathin • 210 years later says:

To me they shouldn't make movies based on books.they should make a series. Because movies are always too fast and the book is always more detailed. So if they made a series based on the book instead of a movie that would be much better. But also movies need to find a better way of us to read the mind of the main character just like in the books.

Double N Productions says:

honestly, I don't really read many books OR watch many movies anymore. I tend to be a bit too critical of the media I consume.

Michael Crockis says:

After some deep pondering and several hundreds of liters of alcohol containing fluids, I came up with the idea that books are better than movies simply because they are longer. An ordinary feature film is what, 11/2-2 hrs long? Meantime, you'll read a book for a straight day or two, depending on your speed of reading. So, you can't clip off a Volvo truck to the size of a VW Beetle and say 'it's the same good ol' truck, load guys!' The Game of Thrones has moderately good adaptation as a series, while it's obvious it can never be adequately adapted as a 2- or 3-hours movie.

Elaine Wang says:

Another one of those excellent adaptations is _A Handmaid's Tale_. The original used the anti-pornography movement as the common point that the ultra left and the fundamentalist right happened to ally at.

The TV show has turned this issue into environmentalism. (This Gilead has mandated organic farming and drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions.) Aside from environmentalism being much more palatable to ratings boards, it is also an update to the original that recaptures the deeply uncomfortable feeling of getting what you wanted, but not in the way you wanted it.

Rafa Gómez says:

I LOVE the Tolkien part of LOTR but I definitiively hate the Hollywood part

Rafa Gómez says:

Two goats find a film can (Or whatever you call it) and after messing with it a good while they open it and then eat the celuloid.
One ask the other: "How did you like it?"
– "I'd rather like the book" – answered the other

Kian Dianati says:

I loved how Peter Jackson came and pissed all of that girl's thoughts. The same thing happened to me after watching a short part of the hobbit after I have finished the book.

GravitySloth says:

Fight Club is the only movie adaptation that is better than the original

Cy Kratzer says:

When wpould I have time to read a novel. There's all these cool Lindsay Ellis videos to watch!

Love your videos. Thanks.

Jeffry Coello says:

Great point. Love your work.
Although, we must add «you can only translate what is inessential to the book» (I think that's a quote from Kundera), and the essential of a novel is that it's written. A movie is in itself a completely different work, unless you think that a movie or a novel can be reducted to its plot, which I hope, no one does.

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