'When Dragons dream' Coloring book review

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‘When Dragons dream’ coloring book by Anastasia Elly Koldareva
Available in paper and PDF formats from http://creativelly.ru/en/contacts
Instagram @creativelly__ru

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If you have any questions or suggestions to color together a specific picture – let me know in the comments. I speak English, Italian and understand French.

Instagram: e.moskaleva
Please use #coloringwithalena tag for your works inspired by my video. I’ll be happy to see your pictures!


peggy Picasso says:

love your leaves and how u color the berries

melissa61272 says:

Beautiful coloring book! Thanks for the flip through.

sonyasmixedmedia says:

Beautifully coloured! please come visit and see some of my pages I've coloured in September .

Amliw Otyed says:

loving the dragons.

elly franken says:

I checked the site, but cant find this in pdf?

Viviane Cailler says:

It is so cut. 😍 I wish that it is possible To send the book to Switzerland.. I have send an email To the illustratrice.

judi Vaughan says:

Beautiful book, nicely reviewed. How and where can it be found?🐝

Crafty_Chatonath 'Nathalie' says:

This book is gorgeous Alena! I've been thinking of buying the Dragon Tale book in PDF version and this one is even more tempting. Thank you for doing the review!

Audrey Liew says:

Hi Alena I really like your colouring with inktense and am trying to learn from you. Please make the colour you used available for easy reference.

Goku Son says:

I was waiting for you to review this book

Thenorselibrarian says:

Just emailed the artist hoping for a replay. This book is so beautiful I almost cried and I need it in my life. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

Sylvie Dufour says:

Wonderful colouring Alena, love your wonderful Dragon and i didn't know that Amazing Artist, i really LOVE Her Artwork and i will purchase this Gorgeous Book! Thank You so much for the great review, and sharing your Fabulous work!


Wonderful book

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