What's the Best Film Adaptation of the Book Emma by Jane Austen

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Comparing the movie adaptations of the book Emma, by Jane Austen. Trying to decide which one is more like the book, more entertaining, and more likely to be my new “go to sleep” TV.


Eve S says:

I'm not a huge fan of Clueless, but in Emma, she, her sister and the Knightly brothers basically grew up together and he feels like an older brother to her. Is it a little creepy from today's standard? Yes. But that doesnt mean it's a weird characterization. And news flash, step sibs do fall for each other and sometimes marry in real life. If that is your primary reason for discrediting Clueless, I feel you are wrong.

Some Random Lady says:

Clueless is directly, but very loosely based off of Emma. You could say rather that it was the inspiration for it.

Ethen Green says:

Kate Beckinsale's simple as that

She Is Tristine says:

Ugh…get a manicure chick! LOL!! Okay, tell me what your favorite Emma movie is and why.

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