What are some good Shudder Exclusives? Horror Movie Discussion and Reviews

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This week we’re looking at three recent movies, all have the distinction of streaming exclusively on AMC’s horror-focused Shudder. Do the exclusives make Shudder worth it?

Reviewed in this video are:
BEAST (2017)

As I said in the video, Shudder’s been cool enough to reach out and offer everyone a 30-Day trial. Either use the code “ADAM” when you sign up or click here: https://bit.ly/2q4Xr3J

This week’s book recommendation is JOE LANSDALE’S BUBBA HO-TEP AND THE COSMIC BLOODSUCKERS adapted for comics by Josh Jabcuga. The trade paperback is available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Vn0FfU

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ableton92 says:

Knife + Heart is probably my favorite new horror movie I discovered on Shudder. It's a French Giallo film about the murder of gay porn stars in the 70's.

James Burgess says:

Summer of 84 is definitely worth a watch.

Landon Kilpatrick says:

Summer of 84 was really good a good book would be the chalk man

sarbolton says:

I watched Honeymoon last night, I enjoyed it

Captain Horror says:

They got old Italian horror gore classics. Awesome 🙂 well worth more than the $6 a month fee.

Revocate Life says:

Just got Shudder and So far I have enjoyed Monster Party and The Witch In The Window

Justin Butcher says:

Cold hell was so boring. Idk just wasn't for me.

Kevin DeLisle says:

We Go On and Southbound are fastastic!! Watched them both on Shudder and loved them both!

jtnicho1 says:

What's the deal with establishing your horror cred by filming in front of your DVD library? This dude is cool, just commenting on the pattern. Not a shot at this nice gentleman

LadyScarface Angel says:

The Ranger was pretty good. Just watched it. It’s May 2019.

SFbayKID says:

I singed up few months ago for 1 YEAR like around $48…I like it so far NOT bad alots 70s & 80s classic poplar horror flicks in it …BUT i heard they gonna raise up the price but they send me Email will NOT effect pass members only NEW members .so i dont know how much will going up …BEAST was ok … SHUDDER FOR low price , contents is good not great or anything …i just saw a flick in there call SPRING was real good much better an BEAST

Versa Smith says:

Thank You for the review on Shudder. The first movie 🍿 I’m going to watch is the Beast. And, I’m going to check out this book Bubba Ho-Tep & cosmic BloodSuckers. 🤗🥰

Viktor Wolfe says:

I'm wondering if you could review my newest novel, BLACK MOUNTAIN. I could send you a free signed hardback. 🙂

giveittostella says:

Check out Satans Slaves if you haven't yet.

MANOR says:

Cold Hell, yes on Terrified (just wish there was more of it), and Prevenge are great exclusives. As for originals, the over-the-top bloodfest Revenge and Horror Noire (great documentary) come to mind. That's just a few. Heard Cold Skin is worth checking out. And how awesome is it that Carpenter created a theme song exclusively for Shudder?

Martin Roberts says:

Doh! Beast is not available in the U.K. however, I already have the other films on my watch list!

Amaury Pineda says:

Summer of '84, one of the best I have seen on Shudder

Kevin Crain says:

nice videos. I just subscribed to your channel Facebook and Twitter

1000angers says:

Shudder please release your exclusives on disk…

SleepawayCampSurvivor says:

Any fans of The Reflecting Skin? It’s surreal and atmospheric and genuinely unsettling, highly recommend!

Bradapalooza says:

Thanks for this! I’m in the middle of Video Night by the way, enjoying it!

Michael DeCesaris says:

Looking forward to check out Terrified now. I like that Shudder is one of the few places to watch Channel Zero, been wanting to catch up on that show. Great video! I would definitely eat up more horror comic talk.

Edward Lorn says:

I loved the Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Bloodsuckers. Great art and writing. Josh is a cool dude too.

Jay V says:

Awesome video! Thanks👍👍

TurtleHermit627 TurtleHermit627 says:

Deep Red, The Beyond, and Zombie!

August Willman says:

I LOVED Terrified honestly. It really got under my skin in a way a movie hasn't in a long time! Beast sounds super good as well, as does that comic book! Love the video as usual, Adam!

Buddy Reads says:

Recently watched Goal of the Dead on Shudder, French zombie comedy set around football/soccer, It's pretty fun. Also there was Night of the Virgin, which was probably the grossest sex comedy horror I've ever seen, seriously Do NOT Eat or have a full stomach during that one.

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