vlog | mini living room tour, not changing for anyone, & book haul

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Leilani Aranda says:

Amberlyyn acts like she’s in 6th grade omg

Nicole Goodman says:

Hii, you guys look so much happier! I’m glad to see that♥️. Even Becky looks happy! She looked to sad a while ago.

Ruby Ornelas says:

Barnes and Noble is my favorite store! You just contaminated it.

Sandi S says:

Amber, geez honey, Becky taking 2 sips puts you on edge lmaooo 😂.. selfish ass. You have never finished 1 book let alone buying 100 more 😂😂.. 🙄🙄🙄 what’s with this new bougie attitude you have going on??? For someone who looks like you and has a terrible personality you sure do love yourself…

lla143 says:

You can’t step over a curb?’😬😑😬

Cornelius says:

bro thats not poggers

Anna K. says:

"Look how big that step is. "
those moments make me realize again how disabled she actually is xD

Gordon Chermesko says:

Did she really just say she doesn't believe the moon landing was real? How long till she starts talking about flat earth nonsense?

Lottie Aubignac says:

I keep waiting for the commentary cause I forget I'm watching it from the original source

Margo Luna says:

She said the face scabs were from anxiety picking.. now it’s a break out… dude I anxiety pick my skin.. it’s not fun it’s painful and embarrassing

Margo Luna says:

I don’t think they are happy.. amber picks on Becky for everything.. like everything she does gets on her nerves..

Brianchorsaway says:

Can I get timestamps of when she was being a bitch to Becky? Don't feel bad for skipping her ads if that's the case

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