Viral (2016) movie review horror sci-fi drama

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M review for the newest release from Blumhouse, Viral. An incredibly original name for a completely original film 😉

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Sick BASTARD says:

Yeah this was more of a body snatchers than a virus type, the worms could have been aliens.

NicknameZer0 says:

mouth protection yes, goggles no?
1 out of 5 !!!

Brad Szczyrbak says:

I watched it two minutes ago

Kell Frillman says:

It drives me nuts how people keep referring to the worm as a virus. It's a PARASITE!

Budget Bout Books says:

the ending was not great..quite expected

DmtGyro says:

15, all you can eat buffet of the worst zombie cliche… "Sister infected…I will save you big sis… than it fails…" Can you just move on already… The dude call that parasites are like zombie in the begenning, if they have zombie movies in there universe how the fuck can they be so dumb… I get she likes her sister but comon.. Can the dude be less of an idiot and talk her out of it.. The dude is an empty character, only there to be a "cute guy at your service" don't say a word don't have an opinion… also the way she hold the gun to kill her sister seemed so fake I cringed..

Candypie 2010 says:

they used logic beginning was good idk where they went from that but it was ok

Shadow says:

Great review, man. Please, review Class Of 1984 from 1982. Keep up the good work that you're doing.

SCGirl788 says:

I was going to watch this Friday but decided to wait for you to review it. I guess I'll check it out if I get really bored.

LDN R says:

Watched it last night and here you are! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. For the plot being well worn road, quite watchable.

PlantsVSjunior says:

This movie is a disgrace

MooseForceOne says:

Hey man, The Strain returns end of August! I'm hyped.

A History Of Film says:

Great review Cauwel! Don't want to sound like a spam/troll but I've been following you for a longtime & have always enjoyed your reviews. I 'm just about to start this new web series called A History Of Film in which I look at different facets of film and tell the story behind them. Since you evidently like cinema I hope that this is something you can subscribe to and tell your friends! 1st episode comes out next week!

Alexandria Frost says:

I know right, the ending was rushed. Btw how come the UAV didn't pick up the two main characters heat signatures but picked up on the horde?

Rodimus Prime says:

it's not often you see a movie you like

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