Video SparkNotes: William Golding's Lord of the Flies summary

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Check out William Golding’s Lord of the Flies Video SparkNote: Quick and easy Lord of the Flies synopsis, analysis, and discussion of major characters and themes in the novel. For more Lord of the Flies resources, go to


pandi hoon says:

the nukes were Hiroshima and Nagasaki not the UK

Bunny Rabbit says:

I finished reading it. Thought it was going to be a nice fun book about kids stuck on the island then one little kid goes missing probably burnt alive, Simon gets slaughtered, Roger kills piggy with a giant rock and then Roger sharpens two ends of a stick for Ralphs head and Ralph gets hunted.

coughing frog says:

What is wrong with this man and his obsession over KONKS instead of CONCHES

Johnny 9000 says:

Ok im finally here!! Are you happy youtube recommendations? 😤

Ayush Anand says:

Whoa ! I felt like a 10 year old boy again while listening to this story.

superplan89 says:

How long were they there?

Dzmitry Skok says:

Nickolodeon should make a full-on inspired episode on this.

David Xu says:


Steven Nystrom says:

A fucking CONK

Meme Lord says:

Ralph admitted to killing Simon and said "I am scared of us" and you are saying conch wrong but great vid otherwise

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