Victor Frankenstein – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Victor Frankenstein, starring Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown Findlay. Directed by Paul McGuigan.



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victer stalkman says:

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Anoty says:

"Mary Shelley's original classic frankenstein novel was as dull as dish water."

What a crock of shit

Amanda Nield says:

I didn't like this film at all i found it pretentious and bloated the only time it hit a genuine brilliant moment was in a 3 second moment when the monkey zombie wakes up and just locks eyes with the girl in the operating theater. in those three seconds i was suddenly transfixed and hit with a chilling nostalgia that only looking into Bela Lugosi's eyes can bring. that alone was worth sitting through this film for.

Migue Preza says:

i really like this movie

Anantharaj Jack says:

Asscenndingg AU…

deathsdoor07 says:

I like the hair.

Joe Lawson says:

I saw it today for the first time. I know I'm three years too late. I didn't know about any of the negative reviews etc and so I went in with a completely open mind. I honestly loved it, it's nothing like the novel, but I loved it as a film. Sometimes it's tempting just to pretend I hated it so that I don't get talked down to but I really loved it. You're right about the performances, they were what made this film work for me. I felt a lot of sympathy towards Igor and how he was treated, it was very satisfying when Victor freed him from the circus. I don't know, I'm going to have to disagree on this one, nothing wrong with that 🙂 Great review anyway, even though we have different opinions.

JoeGrahek5 says:

I think the Universal monster remakes have too many special effects action pieces and try too hard to be opposite of what they originally were. Look at the new mummy movie for example.

marie bonner says:

I actually really liked this movie some parts dragged and it took way too long to get to the Frankenstein monster part but I own this movie 🎥 and can watch it again and again witch is high praise. I give it A-

Vibhu Kumar says:

FRANKENSTIEN -" no God, no devil ,only me" 😎😎😎

creepers jeepers says:

I enjoyed this film up until the part where they battled Frankenstein's monster.

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