Vertigo comic Fables Movie Adaptation, Winter Soldier Set Photos – Beyond The Trailer

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Fables, the cult hit comic from DC Comics and Vertigo, is finally getting a movie adaptation! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph discusses how Warner Brothers is creating a Fables comic book movie franchise with Harry Potter franchise David Heyman at the helm! Then set photos of the Winter Soldier, Captain America and Black Widow are beginning to surface! Does Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier look like a good movie so far? And The Wizard of Oz is getting an IMAX 3D release! Enjoy this episode of Morning Movie News about the Fables movie and Winter Soldier set photos! Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!


Havvlen Star says:

So whats the follow up of Fables and the movie?

Akshit Bhatia says:

5yrs and still waiting fir that fables movie

lefronix says:

bla bla bla…

bigwhiteshogun says:

please not WB, they can't make good comic based movie :/ They'll fck things up like they did with superman and batman…

Legoww2brickfilming says:

just get Bradley Cooper as Bigby, he has the PERFECT look and as it relies a good bit on humor hell be able to deliver that as well

joey4track says:

Dream cast for Fables: Javier Bardem as Bigby, Jennifer Connelly as Snow White, Jaime Pressly or Charlize Theron as Cindy or Goldie, Peter Dinklage(with makeup to make him look younger) is perfect for Pinocchio, Matthew McConaughey as Jack of Tales. Maybe Winona Ryder as Rose Red. Paul Rudd as Prince Charming? Not sure who could pull off Blue..?

Sean Quinn says:

So now a fables game and a movie?

ThePepgirl1234 says:

You know who would make a great bigby wolf for the movie? Hugh Jackman

Joshua Rodriguez says:

Ive been buying the Deluxe editions they are beautiful.

CherryBomb says:

I actually picked up Fables because of you and Think About the Ink a year ago, and am reading ever since. I just wanted to say thank you! Like you said "Fables" didn't have a bad title.
So, thank you!

I anyone is reading this and considering to start his or hers journey through world of Fables, please don't be put off by fact that "Fables" have 130+ issues, you won't even notice how you'll get past 100th.
Happy reading!

MAX F says:

va chez le coiffeur!

LeoSteenFilms says:

Sometimes I get the vibe, that you wouldn't have a problem with changing a white character into a foreign character. But the other way round you are always upset.

Amy Gibbs says:

Also, I just bought Fables Vol. 1 on my iPad. What are your thoughts on reading comics on digital devices?

Amy Gibbs says:

Grace, I really like your shirt. Very interesting.

Cherub200298 says:

Fables sounds like Once Upon a Time. So I'll probably go see it.

Mark Troi says:

My most favourite Lois Lane is Teri Hatcher closely followed by Margot Kidder and I think Amy Adam's portrayal is looking promising. What a lot of people do not realise is that Lois Lane, originally had red hair. Not a lot of people know this. Check out the name Lola Lane, the Superman animations in the 1940s, and look up some vintage superman covers and some leading to the up-to-date ones. You'll see she sometimes has red, sometimes its black. Personally, its no biggie. Darth Coconut

Mark Troi says:

Anyway, enough of that. Let the discussions begin. The subject of a red-headed Lois Lane; I've have all the Supermans from Kirk Alyn to George Reeves to Christopher Reeve to Dean Cain to Tom Welling to Brandon Routh and I have watched all the animations. So I am a Superman fan through and through, closely followed by the Hulk. Lois Lane having red hair is no big deal for me. Not even the slightest.

Mark Troi says:

Hi Grace,
Liking your video reviews, though I disagree with many things you say but that is good because I need an online sparring partner who discuss things maturely and brings thing out in the open for a debate. Saw your video reviewing the Zod trailer and you talking about how you got a lot of hate responses. My friend, just remember, on open forums, you are going to get a lot of adult children who sadly still need to grow-up and get a life. Keep up the good work.

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