Venusian Arts Revelation Review Mystery's Book

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Get a sneak peak inside the best pick up artist book ever written. Learn magic tricks like Mystery does and get an incredible offer by clicking the link above.


JasonJason210 says:

Wow – a manual with instructions for predating on girls. Does it have a section on how to dump them also?

sommi says:

@pinkhey — First you go to a torrent website and download 'David DeAngelo Ebook Collection'.

You MUST read 'Double Your Dating' and then 'Attraction Isn't A Choice'.

When you're done with this, you download Mystery Method Venusian Arts. When you're done with this, you download and read the new Revelation.

Darren Willis says:

where can i get this book?

swordfishblackfox says:

Awesome book ! Thanks mystery,matador & lovedrop

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