Vampire Book Club: A Discovery of Witches

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Book club discussion of A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Witches and vampires and daemons and alchemy and romance!

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Tallia conner-flores says:

Glad that I watched this. I'd been considering picking up Discovery of Witches from my local Half-Priced (Because hell yes, books for cheaper. My jam!) Knowing what I do now about the relationship between the romantic interests, I never would've finished it. Not for me.

14:10 Completely off-topic, but I do have an interesting note on Dracula: The Undead. I own this book. I think it's pretty meh. But when I bought it, it was because I found it in the book section at DollarTree. Telling perhaps?

Vamps Rock says:

Hi. Have you ever read The Gilda Stories by Jewel Gomez? It's great 🙂

Keith Osbourne says:

Ahh I love how I belled this stream before it even started and that I only got the notification that it was starting today, the 27! So frustrating but at least I can watch it now I guess.

darklondonsky says:

Thank you so much for this inspiring stream! I tried with the TV show for Matthew Goode and my favourite subject of vampires combined, but I gave up after 2 episodes. Couldn´t stand even the fact that such an old vampire could fall in love with a 30ish witch that is pretty arrogrant.

Kiaira Patterson says:

The show is actually really great, and I watched it in like a day.

But I hated the books. I paid my own money for them, they weren’t a gift, so I forced myself to get through about 2.5 of the books but they just get worse instead of better.

The show took what was a great concept and made it a good show, without all the trash that is the books.

Also, Satu becomes a much bigger character in the show. It’s great.

Willow River says:

I read A Discovery of Witches when I was just out of highschool and loved it. I will admit this was also the time I was still enjoying Twilight and the House of Night series, so I was a full vampire fangirl with not an excellent taste in writing just yet. I picked up the second book, Shadow of Darkness, a few years later after I'd refined my palate (in part thanks to watching reviewers like you, Linkara, and Lindsay). I can confidently say that the second book was worse. It jumped around a lot when it came to "present day" stuff after Matthew and Diana timehop into the past, and always in such short bites compared to all the time spent with Matthew and Diana, to the point that I'm not even sure if things in the "present" were as jankily explained and jumped around as I thought they were or if my terrible memory and the lack if interest I had in the "present day" scenes just kept it from maintaining any permanence in my brain.

Also, spoiler: one of the gay aunts is offed by the end of the book, and (if I'm remembering correctly, I wasn't even sure by the time I got to the end of the book) it happens "off screen", just told to Diana when they get back from the past.

megan88 says:

I LOOOVED that book, but it helps that Im a historyloving nerd. I read it for the lore and historystuff not so mutsh fore the ”love”story

jag519 says:

I liked trueblood, would you suggest reading the books? Since you say you liked them but as an adult you're not a big fan, I'm wondering if I woudnt like it now either

Jacqui G says:

Have you ever watched The Vampire Diaries? A friend got me into it this year, it's like Teen True Blood. It's trash but but addicting trash.

Bruce Grubb says:

If you want what is arguably the definitive work on all vampires from mythology (not fiction) with nearly 600 different species of historical and mythological vampires, fully described and detailed is the Encyclopedia Of Vampire Mythology .. There is a version at internet archive ( ) and a digital version ( ) The digital version is a lot easier to work with.

CinicalViewer says:

I read the first book after watching the serie. I liked the serie so I have high hype. the serie have heavly changed the souce matherial: you see the villains plotting and planning in evrery episode. I fealt the treath, and I hated them (badly). with my heart full of hopes I started the book and I was soooooooo
disappointed. I undestand the slow burn, I like it in a good story but this is not a good story: there is no treath I spent my days reading about this twoo havint tea and yoga classes. I was so bored. I don't think there is a character arc. what a fun! I don't even remeber a single scene of the book that is not in the serie. no one. the only thing I remeber clearly was the sex thing. it's so weird. but the serie is really good, the people who rewrote this did a good job. matthew is a good character, daiana is active in her story. they have take all the goods in the story (there are some) and used in a smart way.
I other people liked this book, if it makes feel something I'm happy for them. but this was the worse book I read last year.
sorry for my english, I''m italian

yensid says:

My husband & I watched the show when it aired on BBC. He actually read ( listened to) the first book & basically told me it is flat out a Romance. I will say that the show is quite enjoyable & the mystery unfolds & is set up better in the show than in the book from what you've said. Characters are introduced sooner & their motivations are more clear. They also explain why the witch is so clueless & so powerful. And it's indicated the insta love might be tied to the genetic / blood mystery of how all the Supernatural Beings might be related plus Magick. On the show Mathew is hesitant to act on the attraction because of his tragic past with women. The actor who plays him is actually quite charming & a very good actor. I love his mother & demon friend. They make the show!

LUCA M says:

I need to reread these. I read the first two 5 years ago and did not finish the third. I really love when historical fiction mixes with the supernatural. Im really happy you got to do this book club. Not a fan of romance, but it comes in the package I suppose. Thank you for this video! It really helps during this time when you can't leave the house.

Maria Kramer says:

I feel ya! I'm helping homeschool a six year old… man… She never stops

Enrique F. Margarit says:

Omg!! I love this book!!

Nicole Thomas says:

Lol! Wearing gloves to look at archived documents is not a hard and fast rule. In fact a lot of archivist believe that using gloves while handling old documents prevent people from being able to handle the item with care.

Noel Rose says:

Oh thank goodness XD i thought i was alone. I read this book a year ago after a fair bit of hype from folks i knew. A witch scholar love story with a yoga vampire i thought on paper i would love that sort of thing. But very very quickly i was just never on board with it. The biggest reason was like you said the vampire character i just could never get behind, and more than that i suppose is that i never bought the romance or why she would fall for him. A great many of his actions really put me off of him.

I've forgotten a lot so its hard to think of a lot of my old gripes but i remember being really put off by the climax, and the whole "You've never met me and no ones ever mentioned me but hi im going to be you're villain for this evening for about five seconds before that's resolved" like that's not impossible to do well but yeah it didn't do much for me as far as endings go.

This book club is great btw! so excited XD thank you so much for doing this

CrimsonVipera says:

I'm in the wrong timezone to take part in the book club and get up for work on time (my boss set up zooms at 9am every work day :'(), so I didn't have a chance to ask this in the chat: did you hear about/read The Radleys? It's a suburban, middle class family problems story where everyone is vampires.

EDIT: How frustrating is it to always have to say you're reading the chat?

FelisDestructicus says:

So glad you're still vampire royalty in this sun-deprived world.

Anthony Amos says:

Bought and read her book The Company of Death. It’s pretty good definitely recommend her viewer pick up a copy

Ralean says:

I've read both this series and Anno Dracula. I would recommend Anno, unless you are a major fan of costume romances. Anno is far more of a lived-on book, and has a much, much tighter narrative.

I really only liked the first book of this series. It had plot, and mystery, and things happened. I'm not even sure what happens in book 2. It's basically spent wandering around medieval France or Elizabethan England. Interesting as a slice of life, but it didn't really "mean" anything. Also, even as much of a dick as Matthew is, he's basically the same person as he was in medieval times, which is frankly baffling. Him and his brother should be much bigger a-holes, although not that I'm complaining.

My biggest problem with the series is the resolution of the plot of a minor character. Without getting too spoilerly, the thought that the main characters could easily forgive a person for killing literally dozens, if not hundreds of people as effectively a rapist serial killer because "I know him, he's cool" is infuriating.

Also, did anyone else notice that pretty most of the major characters who die are female? Did anyone else but me get that vibe?

Caustic Media says:

You lost me at the races can't mix see ya.👆🏼

Razvan Cornea says:

wath is the tv cold
afther thes book

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