Two Brothers by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of Two Brothers by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá , a graphic novel.

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Thais Lima says:

hello I'm brazilian, and read some of his work, so I would like to suggest to you to read the book. it's quite a different feel, more deep maybe, so I think you would probably enjoy 😁 also, there is a book by him that i really love, it's called "a cidade ilhada" ( something like islanded city) but i don't if they have translated in english, I couldn't find it, it's a chronicle's book, and I find it just fantastic, so if you ever come across it, check it out

Rafaella Raboni says:

I've always had the impression that most graphic novels don't show character complexity and depth as well as cinema or literature does. I just don't know why that happens, since there are amaaazing graphic memoirs with unforgetable characters such as Fun Home, Persepolis and Stitches.

I read Milton Hatoum's novel last year, as a preparation to visit Manaus, and loved it! I've seen it in a few lists of best contemporary brazilian literature. The complexity of the family relations, the consequences of the brothers' actions and the lovely descriptions of their day-to-day life really stuck with me. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, if you decide to read it. Now I'm looking forward to read the graphic version too. (:

Grégory Teixeira says:

That's pretty unexpected! haha. I didn't know comic book artists from Brazil were well known in another country (I should at least assume that, since their graphic novel, "Daytripper", was first published abroad, and some time after in Brazil. Well, anyway). How proud I feel :´).

crimes says:

Great review. You're like a female John Green. :] Also do you like being a librarian? I am choosing courses at the moment and am just a bit stuck. Currently undecided on anything and being a librarian is looking more appealing each day.

Lins Littlereader says:

I really enjoy graphic novels and memoirs, I hadn't heard of this one though, thank you for a lovely review! 🙂

HeyHeyBooks says:

The plot reminds me a bit of Wuthering Heights, not so much for the love story, but of Heathcliff and Hindley, and how Heathcliff goes off somewhere else, the adopted nanny, etc. And definitely for the family drama!

Nathalia Pereira says:

Nice to see Brazil represented!

Aline Aimee says:

So happy to ser you talking about a brazilian book! <3

Tobias Carvalho says:

You really look like Polly Harper

Tobias Carvalho says:

Great novel

Victoria Addis says:

I'm glad you found a graphic novel that you enjoy! I will have to check it out 🙂 I also only started reading graphic novels this year, and I do see what you mean about there being a lack of depth to a lot of them. I don't mind this personally, as I tend to enjoy the medium for what it is, but I do think that there are also a lot of people doing some very interesting things– Alan Moore as an obvious example.

Chelsea Nadeau says:

You have to, have to, HAVE TO READ DAYTRIPPER. It is my favorite book, end of sentence. Not just graphic novel, favorite book. Please please give it a try.

Boho Bookworm says:

I've never read a graphic novel before – this book sounds quite sad

Dora Macatrão says:

I'm Brazilian and I'm looking forward to read Two Brothers. Have you read Daytripper by the same authors? It's incredible! I really recommend 🙂

Raquel Almeida says:

I've read the brothers earlier this year for school. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. I haven't read the graphic novel though.

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