Top 5: Favorite Books for Business, Wealth, and Success

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Since this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive, these are my top 5 favorite books I recommend for business and success. While these books aren’t the how-to types with real estate and investments, these books would give a solid foundation to wealth, business, and mindset that have made a significantly impact on me. Enjoy! Feel free to add me on Snapchat / Instagram: GPStephan — Top 5 picks below:

Your money or your life –
This one really puts your time into perspective with regard to how much something costs you, compared with how much time you spend making money. If you work at $20/hour and a dinner costs you $40, the dinner is 2 hours of your time – thinking of expenses like this shows you the value of your time and learning to make the most of it.

Think and Grow Rich –
This is a classic that I’ve read MULTIPLE times. In fact, I likely read this one at least once per year – you can also find it on YouTube as an audiobook. Think and Grow Rich simplifies the techniques some of the most successful people have used in achieving their wealth, and what they all have in common. This is a MUST READ for anyone interested.

The Millionaire Next Door –
Not all millionaires live flashy lives or come from family money – in fact, the vast majority of millionaires are first generation wealthy. Most of them live very modestly, most of them are business owners, and most of them live under the radar. This book is great to put this in perspective and surveys actual millionaires and how they created their wealth.

The 4 Hour Work Week –
This was one of the books that inspired me to begin creating passive income. While so many entrepreneurs and business people preach “hustling 24/7, working all the time, never sleeping,” Timothy Ferris takes the opposite approach – work as little as possible. This book is a great foundation to creating passive income and leveraging your time with the resources around you.

Awaken the Giant Within –
This is one of my favorite self-help books. Anthony Robins speaks about limiting beliefs and how to overcome the mental obstacles that could be holding you back. I’m a believer that success first starts from within, so this is a great book to realize what would mentally be holding you back from achieving what you want.

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GabbusWabbus says:

Omg, retro Graham😳

David Lavrič says:

What CAN you think about Tony RObbins that you reffer?

Zen Mind says:

The point of think and grow rich is that your thoughts are the fuel for action. Of course thinking about money every hour of the day will manifest into you gaining wealth. Hence thoughts can manifest your reality.

carlos dani says:

This is your first and only video where the phrase “smash the like button” isnt mencionned once

Ivan Moore says:

Graham you should consider updating this video in 2020. I just picked it up when I was watching investingwithrose favorite books. It’s a gem of a video with far too few views.

Mellenn Domanais says:

Hey Graham. Big fan here. I'm from the Philippines. Can I just ask what are the books you highly recommend that tackles the topic of Investing, whether it be bout real estate or stocks. Thank you!

Anh Hoàng Việt says:

And he went from 50k subs to nearly 1.7mil by the time this comment appears. Bravo 👏🏻

TnJ Presents says:

great content!

MariaIsabel Alvarez says:


Motivation 2 Invest says:

Great Video, I've just done an interest stock market vid, $1k in 7 days nothing crazy but simple!

Deezy24 says:

Graham, you gotta read Good to great by Jim Collins.

Johnny Huang says:

Thanks so much for sharing this Graham. I look forward to reading all of the mentioned books. I have just finished reading Think and Grow Rich, and it is truly remarkable and contains so many beneficial principles people can integrate into their lives to tap into their full potential! I have made a summary of my own (spoken word/rap) version. I would love to hear what you guys think about it! @

L D says:

I've been saying this to people for years, but to no avail. My friends spend all their money on video games and say "Video games are the best form of entertainment when it comes to bang for your buck. I spent $60 on [X] game and played it for 150 hours. That comes out to a cost of only $0.40/hour. Where else can you get that kind of entertainment?" Then I tell them, "No, you make $18/hr, and just spent 150 hours not making $18/hr. That video game actually cost you $60 + $2,700 in lost wages you could've earned working. It's all about opportunity costs." They just look at me with a blank stare, because they don't get it. Most of my friends work crummy jobs and play video games at least 30-40 hours a week, and they wonder why they can't get ahead. They say it's rich people's fault that they're poor, but in reality it's their own poor decisions that keep them poor. This isn't a hit on video games either, I actually love video games and used to play them all the time. But I like the idea of financial independence more than playing video games.

thesandrapagethings says:

Adding these to my goodreads as we speak! I did a Finance/Leadership TBR video for this month & had 6 books on there, so I’m definitely looking for more this month since I’m about halfway through them already. Thanks for sharing these!! ✨

justin crespo says:

it's $15,000 a year

Makga says:

You should do part 2

Makga says:

Dude you have right now 1.42 M subscribers

Paula’s LittleThings says:

I love both the secret and think and grow rich

Blacks Winning says:

We need an update! 🤓

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