Top 10 Science Fiction Books [plus a bonus!]

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Being a science fiction book nerd, I have read my fair share of science fiction books. So, if you are you needing to update your science fiction book list, I have got just the list of top 10 science fiction books for you! In this video, I have listed my top 10 science fiction books and everything I love about them.

So be sure to check it out my list of top 10 science fiction books and maybe you will be able to find your next excellent sci fi read.

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Spear Hunter says:

check out & read – DEATHMARK Book 1 by Michael Perinuzzi – Great Cyber punk Novel

Epic. Book.Writer says:

Wow love this!❤️ It took me 9 months to write my first book it's now out on Amazon its called (Nova The Quest Of Dreams) feel free to check it out I am looking for feedback pretty 👽📖💚

Russell Van Dyke says:

As an author, I'm always interested in other authors I may have missed. You have given me a few I didn't know. As my first book comes out soon (E-book already on Kindle) I'll have to see what people think. If anyone even reads it. 🙂

Madalyn Reeves says:

Are these all series? Also can you recommend 3 big like near 500 pages sci-fi series for me thank you

Caio lima caldas says:

There's any science fiction novels/books about dragons ?

carlos lezana says:

Was looking everywhere for this space sci-fi list.
I've already read about half of these books so i'm feeling reassured that the rest will fit my taste.

Daniel B says:

How Brandon Sanderson himself explains Skyward: its a "boy finds a dragon" story, but with a girl and its Sci-Fi

Mason Hall says:

Another good series similar in tone to First Colony, is Evan Currie's Odyssey One series. As well as Ken Lozito's other sci-fi, the Ascension series.

Ian Thompson says:

Have you tried H.G.Wells? War of The Worlds is phenomenal, especially when you consider it was written in 1897! The Invisible Man and The Time Machine are also excellent.

Bronwyn Leroux says:

Love Brandon Sanderson! Yup, read most of those – wasn't so much a fan of Battlefield Earth. Yup, glad you added Dune and The Martian as honorable mentions:-)

John Thom says:

Stanislaw Lem, J. G. Ballard, Larry Niven

say it again says:

Hi, I don't know if you answer questions but I have one, given everything you know would it be possible if you apply that knowledge to take a few so so short informational ebooks and average 10 sells a month for each one or is that too lofty a goal?

Robin Gile says:

I will look at your recommendations that I haven't read, but I am not much impressed by those you mention that I have read. Still you are young and no doubt have a fresh point of view. Cheers

Teri Anne Beauchamp says:

All male authors. Interesting

Gary Bradski says:

Gene Wolfe Book of the New Sun and the whole solar cycle…or anything he writes. Hard to describe Wolfe, if your books are fun jogs in the local hills, he's climbing mount Everest.
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom — funniest/coolest story

Sean Sumner says:

Great video, I am a fan of most of those and found a couple to try out. I have loved the Enderverse based on your suggestion in the past. I just recently got Skyward on audiobook but have not listened yet so glad to hear that it got an honorable mention.

Recently I have also loved

The Titanborn books by Rhett C Bruno
The Expeditionary Force series by Craig Alanson
The Hell Divers Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

All voiced by RC Bray in the audiobooks 🙂

Keep up the good work

Brent Holcomb says:

Well I have to say… DUNE, obviously.
The Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin.
Speaker for the Dead trumps Ender's Game, in my opinion.
Hyperion by Dan Simmons
And a recent favorite of mine is The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. Poetic, beautifully imagined sci-fi!

Dean Wesley Smith says:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is also a Badger's alum. She and Kevin J. Anderson met in a 101 creative writing class. Not kidding.

Brad Blackman says:

Neuromancer is definitely in my top ten. I re-read the Sprawl Triology a couple years ago and it was interesting how prescient it actually is in so many ways. I am glad Gibson got out of cyberpunk, though. Rather, reality caught up to the fiction he was writing, anyway, so he just wrote fiction for today's world.

Hedwig Wendell-Crumb says:

John Wyndham writes good sci-fi

XWolven says:

Such a great surprising list! So glad you didn't just pick the most common books like the bobverse books are outstanding and tat great star wars trilogy which is why I can't stand what Disney did to the movies.

Donald Wheeler says:

If you liked Scalzi, you should read the stories by Heinlen and Haldeman that he rewrote and called his own …. 😉

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