Top 10 M/M Romance Novel Recommendations!

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It’s Pride Month, so here are my 10 favourite books (+ 3 honourable mentions) featuring dudes being lovely and in love. Keep an eye out for F/F recommendations and general LGBTQIA+ romance recs from me in the future!

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Laurie Dargy says:

Hi! Has anyone heard about Silk and Steel by Ariana Nash (fantasy, M/M romance)? I hear about it nowhere so I don’t know if it’s worth the read? 🙂

King Rodriguez says:

Okay, I'm literally 6 months late, but, like….. thank you for this 🖤

Some_Random_Person 159 says:

Just to comment on what you said at the beginning. Trying not to be too political (I don't even think that's the right word here) but 100% "gay" and m/m dominates over the idea of lgbtq+. When you look up lgbtq+ literature, movies or TV of any kind, it is predominantly occupied by the g in lgbtq+. Honestly gay has become a brand to be able to market and sell meaning that bisexual, asexual or pansexuals etc all get swept away sort of. Lesbians luckily can squeeze into the lable of gay so they manage to escape it but for most other sexualities, it is actually very damaging especially when most of the representation bisexuals, pansexuals or asexual do receive is usually negative or just not true. It is a massive problem both outside and inside the lgbtq+ community that needs to be addressed. Sorry to ramble but hey it needs to be said more.

koritsi 21 says:

haha I feel you on the bangs! I got so annoyed with growing them out that I ended up chopping off all my hair lmao

Shelphin B says:

Can I just say, I’ve watch a lot of different people give reviews on different books, ranging from LGBTQ to fantasy and romance etc, but you are by far the best I’ve watched. You have a lovely tone, really know the books you are talking about and give good synopsis. As a straight woman, I have only just recently started to read LGBTQ romance books and I love them. Not sure if you have read the Fallen Angel series by Ella Frank and Brook Blaine (Halo/Viper/Angel/Killian), they are romantic but a little more riskay. Will definitely check out some of the books you have mentioned, thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.

Ana Dolor says:

the captive prince trilogy is probably gong to be my fave series ever! I’ve finished the first two books in a day each and I’m currently on the last book but I’m very reluctant to finish it because I really don’t want the story to end :’)

kohi_tantan says:

When it comes to m/m I heavily recommend Heaven Official's Blessing
It's a Chinese novel with a professional quality fan translation ( – the translators kindly made it available in kindle format .mobi as well) and it's REALLY REALLY good.

Have you ever wanted a really long, well-written adventure novel with a tight plot an amazing cast of characters that gasp ends on M/M? Because this story is so good and so unique. Captive Prince used to be my favorite m/m novel (it's how I found your channel) but Heaven Official's Blessing dethroned it.

13 Suvekshya Chapagain says:

You have to read "of sunlight and stardust" by Christina lee and Riley hart

are you choking? says:

When Everything is Blue by Laura Lascarso is sooo cute.

Guilherme Albino says:

I loved the way you talked so seriusly about those stories, some of them are favorites of mine and I definitely am going to leave with some great recommendations, thank you so much.

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