Top 10 Favorite Vintage Horror Books I Read in 2019

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A look at my favorite retro horror novels read in 2019! Check the channel page for full-length reviews of all the books mentioned in this video.


racewiththefalcons1 says:

Vintage horror cover artwork is so incredible.

bk says:

I dont like how he squints at me, it made me try to check myself for flaws in the comfort of my room.

Syon D says:

Just discovered your channel man, love it! Great video 🙂 I need to check out Doppelgänger, Night Flyer, and Night Bait

Todd Charlton says:

Two weeks to The Iliad Bookshop!!!!! I saw a picture of the horror section the other day. Oh my yes!!

Dustin Hicks says:

I'm planning on reading Mirror soon, and I'm even more excited for it now. I'm definitely interested in several of these others as well. Great video, as always.

EclecticElectric101 says:

do you keep all the books you read?

Chris says:

Great list! Here's my top 10 list:
1) Dark Harvest – Norman Partridge

2) Slimer – Harry Adam Knight

3) Feast – Graham Masterton

4) Cellars – John Shirley

5) The Happy Man – Eric Higgs

6) Let's Go Play at the Adams – Mendal Johnson

7) Cold Moon Over Babylon – Michael McDowell

8) Nest of Nightmares – Lisa Tuttle

9) The Wasp Factory – Iain Banks

10) Such Nice People – Sandra Scoppettone

Dungeon Music says:

I wish I could get Cold Front.

Hey Little Thrifter says:

Loved hearing your top ten of the year! I totally agree on Debra Fowler and I think I originally picked up Valerie on your recommendation so thank you 🙂 I also read The Devil's End by her this year which was a ton of fun.

Cameron Chaney says:

Fantastic top ten! I haven’t read any of these, actually.

Javin T says:

I'm happy to know Night Bait made the list. Maybe Night Lust makes it to top 10 for 2020? Haha. Grimm Reaping is fun for sure and a good follow up to Grimm Memorials. Lets hear about Chas. Balun's Ninth & Hell Street? Maybe throw in a Ray Garton novel?

August Willman says:

I have never read Mirror but I recently got Charnel House with an amazing cover with a nude man with multiple arms breaking through a mirror, and cannot wait to read it. Awesome video, a lot of these are on my tbr pile! Happy 2020!

William Wilson says:

Regarding Demonic Color, the author (in actuality two sisters) were caught plagiarizing Dean Koontz's Phantoms word-for-word with that book (and another book) and he sued them.

Snow Cone72 says:

Books sound great. Thanks for the reccomedations. Have to check the used book store here for them.

The Book Dweller says:

Knocked it out of the park again

AreYouIntoHorror? says:

Great review, and as I said before I could not agree with you more on Grimm Reapings, AND Mirror! Recently finished it, do you mind if I review it too? Thought I'd ask first. I just ordered a copy of What's wrong with Valerie from Paperback Swap, looking forward to it. Keep up your awesome inspiration and reviews….Richard at RUN2HRR?

Hotsake says:

I loved Mirror.

Mystic Mac says:

I still can't get my hands on any Debra Fowler books..
Great choices i've read Mirror & Death Song.
1 Halo – Chet Day
2 Raw Pain Max – C Dean Andersson
3 Winter Scream – Chris Curry aka Tamara Thorne
4 Shockwaves – Thomas Tessier
5 The Jim-Jams – Michael Green
6 Coven – Edward Lee
7 Nightblood – T Chris Martindale (re-read)
8 Seeing Red – David J Schow
9 Manstopper – Douglas Borton (another re-read)
10 Red Dreams – Dennis Etchinson

Uvi91 says:

I just picked up the paperbacks The Other side and Sea Cliff online. I agree with you that the cover art is cool. So once I'm done reading them they get put into a shadow box.

OldGuy Books&Games says:

I am reading NightFlyer right now 🙂

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