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A reaction and conversation about Time’s 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time list.

Link to list:

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MrHaganenoEdward says:

When it comes to translations, I would absolutely love to see a good English version of any of Juraj Červenák's books. They aren't the best, but they're blast to read, fast paced with a good action and very consistent quality. Plus it would be fun to see translations of words such as kucapaca or budzogáň 😀

John Jamison says:

More on what you said about translated works. Where was Journey into the West?

l0n3wolf89 says:

I agree. The Times-list SUCKS!!! It was soo bad and missing sooooo many authors and books that have made such an impact.
This list honestly made me a bit pissed off 🙈🙈🙈

Pratik Kanthi says:

The list has Mistborn but not The Way Of Kings smh

david larramore says:

Also, the list is not just about the influence a book had. There are two other words: engaging and inventive.

david larramore says:

Hey, here's a thought. TIME has been around a little while and have dealt with a few important and influential people, things, events, etc…. in that time. Why not just discuss the books that are on the list instead of eating up(or padding your video) so many minutes decrying TIME's process. As we all like to say, remember this is just my opinion. Let TIME have theirs in the manner they choose and we can throw our opinion out there on the merit of that particular book's inclusion in the list. Love ya, and sorry, but I have just seen too many of these videos that are more concerned with TIME's process than the books on the list.

keyara jackson says:

I'm shook that the Book Thief ain't on the list. DUNE? PETER JOHNSON (Peter Jackson 🤣). And I'm not trying to start nothing but I don't think Road Dahl needed so many slots. We didn't need sequels listed. I do think Children of Blood and Bone deserves it's slot because everyone was talking about that book. I can't believe Harry potter wasn't there. Twilight? Like you ain't got to like a series to know it shook the genre. I don't think circe deserved it's spot. Idk this is a mess?

S 00 says:

No David Gemmel on list. No Stormlight Archive. glad my fave name of wind is on list

Jade Clifton says:

They shouldn’t have had authors picking. With how many amazing book tubers there are they should have asked them to be on the panel. And yes Elliott should 100% been on that panel.

Starrynight1800 says:

I don't think you're being a downer. Your videos are great. Your points are valid here.

Also, why does Outlander always end up on a fantasy list? It's a romance with a fantastical element.

rutgerhauer666 says:

Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber are better and more influential than 80-90% of the authors on this list. Invalid. Next.

Tarek Tadros says:

this list is caca from start to finish for multiple reasons. this was a retard list for retards.

Nick Large says:

I don't remember exactly who was on the list. But I remember thinking Stormlight Archives should be. Also, there should be consistency with a series v a book in a series. For the simple reason is often after the first book, the subsequent books usually don't stand on their own at least from my impression of what I have read.

E J K 93 says:

Bitching about a list in a YouTube comment section is not a healthy way to exercise your will to power. Until you become a respected fantasy writer yourself and are asked to give your credible opinion on the matter, I suggest you save yourself the time of typing a rando comment that no one of note will ever see or care about.

Rhys Parry-George says:

Omg! You're right! Where's Dark Tower?

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