tier ranking every book to movie adaptation i’ve seen

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i’m back with another tier ranking video! i hope you all enjoyed watching me judge all these movies and tv shows lolll. i’d love to know your thoughts on any of these adaptations!!

~ my tier list: https://tiermaker.com/create/book-adaptations-284928?presentationMode=true

thank you all for being the best! i love you lots and i’ll be back with a new video soon 😌

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thank you so much for watching 💛


A Clockwork Reader says:

RIGHT AS I POSTED THIS I REALIZED THAT I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE I C O N I C FILM FOR BEASTLY!!!! i'm so disappointed in myself omfg. anyway, beastly would be in its own tier for greatest bad movie of all time ✌🏼

Lisen Sviden says:

yesyesyes to the Hunger games! I just feel like it missed the entire point of everything and honestly if you just watched the movie you'd be right to put it in the same category as all the other 'YA dystopians' and it drives me insane that people think it's so good

Cori says:

Lord Of The Rings films are better than the books and I'll fight ANYONE on that.

Shar Bear says:

Eclipse is one of my favourite books from the franchise 🙁

Philippa Bate says:

There is a BBC Miniseries adaptation of Pride and Prejudice too, if you are interested in watching that. I personally prefer it to the film!

Alyssa Landers says:

"So glad its on netflix."
Me: pauses the video and checks netflix…

MadPiper says:

Fallen wasn't really advertised bc it somehow got leaked before it was released (in the Phillipines I think???) and all the people funding it pulled out, so it didn't have the money to do the release it had originally planned. sucks for the people who worked on it, bc they probably planned on it being the next twilight (lord knows they're similar, which is probably why you don't like it lol)

suicide salad says:

How is a beautiful girl like you still single??? Marry me😁😁😁

Luca Loves Books says:

Hannah your taste is all over the place 😂 (but you'd probably think the same about mine) I agree Howl's movie def better than the book. But I do prefer the BBC miniseries Pride&Prejudice 😍

Catherine Wright says:

Have you watched His Dark Materials yet?

Jeramie Sumalpong says:

Good thing I didn't watch P.S I still love you. I have this feeling that I will never enjoy it. I agree with you regarding the Lord of The Rings. I never read the book, but I love the movie. I saw Percy Jackson the movie once, but I don't like it either and my mistake because I haven't read the book as well. Sometimes I hated it when a book was being adapted into a movie.

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