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R K says:


Cesia1008 says:

I'm going to have to give a girl on the window book another try. I was so thrown off by it i founded so bland but yet again, didn't even get to the middle.

Nandhini S says:

Women in the window is highly overrated. Totally disappointing.

Eucalyptic Honey says:

‘I don’t think I have a core anymore ‘ 😅😆

Jasmine Crang says:

Teri terry slated trilogy and mind games had me shook people don’t give her enough hype

Jazmine C says:

I really didn’t enjoy I let you go, I felt that the story just seemed quite farfetched and unrealistic, I feel like the ending was a little rushed too, I don’t know I just felt unsatisfied after I finished it.

Riley-Reads-Books says:

I was laughing when you started describing Karin Slaughter's book covers, you're so right that you just wouldn't expect those pretty nondescript covers to house some of the worst graphic violence I've ever read in a book before. Like I hope Karin isn't secretly a serial killer because her mind comes up with some crazy stuff, I wouldn't wanna be tortured by her lol. Great books though, Pretty Girls had me on the edge of my seat during a drive.

Nadia Carmon says:

Murder mysteries and boba. Relatable. I've been going through a few book recc videos today and Karen Slaughter's name keeps popping up. Guess I know who i'll be checking out next.

Nicki Polendey says:

Please where’s hairy potter where you need him lol😂

tiago alves says:

Where can I buy “little monsters" ?

Murder Mystery & Mayhem says:

Hi! I know this is a couple of years later for your video but I'm new to the BookTube and looking to hook up with some people that read the same genre that I do and do the same reviews too. I am right now reading Pretty Girls I am excited to really getting into the book. I put The Good Daughter on my tbr. I am thinking of just buying the books outright I have them on my Kindle but I am loving the cover's she has taste when she is making the covers that is for sure!

Tanni Rangkham7 says:

Leaving time by Jodi Picoult was the best suspense i ever read… what a twist in the end… !!!

Bhaavya Batra says:

I absolutely loved A.J. Finn's " Woman in the Window". I was recommending it to every person I know.

Richa Drall says:

Pretty girls
Final girls
Are you sleeping
The silent patient

Vale freedom says:

I mean.. can we be bestfriend? ahah

susan NY says:

"the kind worth killing" is riveting. as soon as i started reading it i was like omg! this is just like one of my fav old movies's, alfred hitchcock's "strangers on a train"! anyway, i too recommend the book & also the movie for fans of thrillers!

CopyKat says:

glad i came across your channel! great vid, cant wait to read these 😀

john smith says:

I aspire to be acknowledged as the greatest author of all times. Go to my Amazon page and buy my thrillers.

Caitlin L says:

just found your channel omg i love your videos. Ive been wanting to read more thrillers and i’ve put most of these on my tbr 😍 i did read Woman in the window a couple of days ago and thought it dragged out sooooo much. the twist wasn’t something i was expecting, i was excited when it happened but overall felt underwhelmed with it.
I’ve read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn and although some of the writing was beautiful and the plot was disturbing, the PACING WAS HORRENDOUS which let down the concept 😭

moksoire says:


Nicole Deandra says:

I just found your channel today. Love the way u talk about these books, energetic and informative.

mai reads says:

i was just thinking that i should find some good thrillers to read next month because i found this channel a few days ago and your passion for them got me interested, and youtube recommends me this video. THANK YOU

Autumn Flower says:

Gosh, I am buying The good daughter.

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