The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – Roald Dahl (FULL AUDIOBOOK)

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So, as it turns out, this is actually pretty rare; many fans of Roald Dahl don’t even know this story and the only audiobook version publically available is read by Andrew Scott. So, here’s the original version, read by Martin Jarvis, which I happened to have and figured I would share with the world. You’re welcome.

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Arlando AMB67 says:

1:42:12 The Matrix is glitching

Guy Reece says:

An uplifting story.

aravind m v says:

Proud to be a of yoga and yogis🙏

Barry M says:

Loads of intrusive ads. A fine reading but not suitable for going to sleep reading

MCHeart says:

Omg I love this book

Laur Estee Love says:

So thankful for this 💕

guitarprism says:

Great story, awesome reader.

Mayah says:

Such a wonderful teller of stories! Thank you Mr Dahl!

Neha Priscilla says:

My Dream is to have an Orphanage of my Own, wish can do something like Mr. Sugar🤪☺🤗

Pernell13489 says:

I had heard the other recording, this is wonderful. But every time I now hear the description of the rich guy reading, he reminds me of an orange faced, unpleasant man in power.

Maake Klein says:

This story is a smack in the eye for capitalism. Trump would probably hate going to have to listen to this over and it!bless.

dvj racing says:

Definitely a good book

NASA jain's science classes says:

Wow … What a narration and the story…

Liz North says:

Thank youuuu!!!

Chillout Labs says:

Great read 🙂

Tamojit Mittra says:

A beautiful story and equally well-read. I have read a few of Roald Dahl's stories but this one is the best.

Gayle Crampton says:

This is just delightful. Ive ALWAYS enjoyed Dahl, and I've loved Martin Jarvis since I heard him as Death in Terry Pratchett's BBC series. Thank you so very much.

Eva Regina Heger says:

What a wonderful gift! Thank you very much indeed, that you shared this book with the world. Roald Dahl was a genius storyteller and Martin Jarvis is an amazing reader. Does somebody know, where 'My uncle Oswald' is available on audio?

P D says:

This is really a wonderful story. I don't remember if I have ever been so enthralled by any story before this. The writer was a genius. And the reader was equally good.

Amy 1 says:

Henry Sugar is a Dick.

Nate Hill says:

I never remembered the title of this book. I think it’s what made me think I’d do so well at poker so many years later! Someone else must have practiced more…

Rachel Usher says:

I have always tried to find this book

Ms. Lotus Blossom Szuba says:

My first audio book ever. Love Love! The culture , the historical , the humor of the Indian people back in the day! The voice of the reader wrapped
my mind the whole way through my travels with him through early show biz! Thank you 😊 for being by companion as I am social distancing on this cold May Day!

THE PAGE BURNER 1979 says:

Never heard before

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