The Witches Tarot | Flip Through and Review

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We take a look and flip through the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and illustrated by Mark Evans.

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WaterBatTV says:

I just ordered this deck 😁

Giulia Pari says:

sorry what is the devil's card?

Angelic Sun Flame 1111 says:

Omg I just saw a review on Stacey Demarcos new deck! You are going to love it!!! The Elementals!!! Do a review!! HAHAAH I need to buy them!!

AaoBateinKarein says:

cards are beautiful 🦋🦋

ElenFlore says:

Hi. Make a review of the Tarot of the Golden Wheel pleeeeease. The cards are just amazing!! I will be really really REALLY waiting for your review of this deck!

Xavier Efraem says:

Hello there! I love this deck! I am an artist and i actually completed a tarot deck too! Heres my instagram. 🥰🥰🥰

chel Blr says:

Not for me. Thanks for the review and looking forward to the next. You sure are saving me a lot of monies😂

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