The Witches Movie Review

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My movie review for a Roald Dahl film adaptation of his classic book “The Witches.” In this film, a young boy finds out about an evil witch scheme, while staying at a hotel with his grandmother. The witches plan to turn all the children in England into mice, using a special potion that is put into these special chocolate bars, that no kid can seem to resist. The young boy and his grandmother come up with a plan to stop the witches from doing this, but they must act fast. This film stars Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, and Rowan Atkinson.


Zoe Fang says:

Well Halloween is over 10 days away. About time I tuned in 😛

Zoe Fang says:

The witches is one of my faves <3 The other ones being "James and Giant Peach" , "Matilda", "The Twits", "Charlie and Chocolate Factory" "Esio Trot" and "BFG"

Ocfan207 says:

The book was much better.

DustyOldMovies says:

Great Review! I actually loved The Witches as a kid, it was my first horror movie, and because i loved this, i started watching the Universal monster movies.

madmomentsgo says:

brilliant film.

Madilynne McGovern says:

I love it!

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