The Witches 2020 | Movie Review

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The Witches is back with an all new adaptation of the book from Roald Dahl. Watch as Brad reviews the film and sees how it stacks up against the beloved 1990 film.

The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Zemeckis, Kenya Barris, and Guillermo del Toro, narrated by Chris Rock, and starring Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, and Stanley Tucci.




Action Jackson says:

I just saw this today, didn't think it was all that bad. And I rewatched the original to compare

Noah Norman says:

The scene were the grandma's friend into a chicken is so disturbing it will be locked in my memory forever. At least they should have turned her into a Pickle, it would have been a lame reference to Rick & Morty for sure, but it would be far less disturbing then what I had to see on my TV screen.

SuperStrange Shadow says:

Not gonna watch it. Hate remakes and don't like Anna Hathaway or whatever her name is. =)

ollie87ava says:

This has to be one of the most heinous remakes of a film that I have ever watched. Anne Hathaway’s delivery with a hybrid of about five changeable accents throughout the film, makes her character incoherent and very difficult to understand. On some occasions, I believe most skilled MI5 interpreters and trained linguists would not actually assimilate what was actually coming out of her mouth at times. Her character is a shadow of Angelica Huston’s prowess as “The Grand High Witch”. An American disaster remake with over the top CGI in your face from start to finish. The continuous and monotonous narration throughout this film disrupted any realism throughout. Nicolas Roeg obviously tried to capture the mystical and magic mind of Roald Dahl’s children’s dark fantasy novel in his 1990 film, which still retains a cult following to this day. The makeup and potential was all laid out on the table for this to be a fantastic remake. Unfortunately, Hollywood grabbed it by the horns and stripped it of all its magic, comedy and dark fantasy themes. Robert Zemeckis’s retelling of the wicked children’s story feels more grumpy than scary, while its comedy veers between frantic and strained. The original 1990 film was more faithful to the book albeit the ending. As a British child who grew up in the 90’s, engrossed in Dahl’s novels, this has to be by far the most unendurable and vast substandard film I have endured in a long time. 1/10. That is being generous.

PZ FUNF says:

i thot it was better then the old movie

CreeperGamer630 says:

the remake of the witches is the worst film…
because the casting
what happened to Anjelica Huston as the grand high witch
and the CGI
there are enough CGI mice films
i wish if Roald Dahl hadn't have died and he had seen this movie, i bet he would be calling this 'the worst remake of his books ever'!!!!!!!

maxman1602 says:

Hollywood should remake the flops, the absolute trainwrecks with interesting concepts that were badly executed, where they can't possibly do worse than the original and there's no fanbase to speak of to get pissed off.

Remaking excellent films like The Witches will always be doomed to fail, because no matter what, remaking an already good film sets too high a standard.

Pruibiebe Hastoet says:

Zemeckis should have known better.. In Forrest Gump he used delicate CGI to enhance reality. With this movie….he's fallen victim to the CGI trap
He's not alone, it happened to Spielberg (Jurassic World), Jackson (the Hobbit) and others.. Not to mention the weird Marvel universe.

Patricia Stanhouse says:

The original was created by a story teller (Jim henson ) . He used puppets for his creative story telling. The story of the original outlines power vs love , hope verses darkness , and most important good triumphs over evil . Luke reminds the good witch to help his friend , in this he demonstrate brotherhood and friendship . The new one strays from the use of puppets for it's story telling which isn't always bad but in this case it took away a child's ability to relate to the movie … And it's very hard to follow and keep up with , and it shows that beauty is more important and looks matter .. a good example of this is beauty and the beast where the handsome prince turns away an elderly woman because of her looks and called her " an old hag " . Also the new grand high witch reminds me of the alien queen from the sci-fi horror movie alien 👽, she demands leadership much like the queen did .. . I will admit the 1990 version doesn't end the way the book did but Jim henson did this to inspire hope . However the new one as bad as it is and confusing did open way for a second maybe but let's hope they can steer it away from controversy if they make a second .

Corrupted Angel says:

This feels more like a comedy than a scary movie for kids

tuncel yurdakul says:

No passion went on this film. I watched this film just to laugh how bad they turned it into.

BigK13372 says:

So basically its the HBO Max equivalent of Artemis Fowl.

Good to know.

Jules 98 says:

Witches 2020 is fucking goofy and the cg is laughable. Octavia was the only redeeming factor in it.

Nicholas R. Sims says:

Everybody Hates Witches

Vinnie Alaxanian says:

I’m so sorry that you had to go through that buddy. I myself will be skipping it. I’m way to busy anyway watching Friday the 13th part five again. I just know that if I watch it enough trines Little Reggie The Reckless will eventually get the drop on Roy The Paramedic. We will see what happens this next time around. Lol 😂

Nathan Forester says:

The fact that Anne's Grand High Witch doesn't have purple eyes or doesn't look well monstrous unlike her 1990's counterpart, is disappointing. The least they could have done is go for the Winifred Sanderson look.

Intence says:

Old men trying to get popular by disliking a KIDS movie. Ur not the demographic. You are trying to get attention

Slrzcool says:

i didnt hate his film
it wasnt bad
wasn unwatchable
and i'm like the only one who liked anne hathaway's performance
but the CGI was dumb and ugly, and the changes to the story were kind of annoying, and we can forget every scene with chris rock's narration and his mouse.

Hi There says:

This film had so much potential, however it strafed away from the book a little bit to much, also it leaves ALOT of the books details out

Cuticle Handling says:

Has robert zemeckis done anything good recently?

john Dingo-Fox says:

the original did it right this garbage isnt the witches its more like the B$%&*&es pardon me i had to say that this was garbage trash puke vomit Angelica Houston did it better 100% no 200%

Sonic Wright says:

I don’t mind if they make a second one

Comrade Harpy says:

I thought the venom mouth was cool and creepy. That should have been the only CG used. I'm so over these remakes.

Karstens Creations says:

Yeah, but Brad…

What did you REALLY think?


Angel Apostolov says:

It would not be so bad if they at least managed to capture the aura of Mileena from MK – both beautiful and creepy simultaneously. Here the grand with is beautiful (Anne Hathaway, so no surprise) but absolutely cartoonish! Heck, Muriel (Famke Yanssen) from the otherwise cheesy H&G: Witch Hunters was hundred times scarier than the grand witch here, and let's not even mention Angelica Huston in the 1990 version. Perhaps they could cast Hathaway for the good white witch and Yanssen or possibly Cate Blanchett for the High witch.

KlicKlac101 says:

They had to have know this remake was inferior to the original.

Sebastian Melmoth says:

The movie was fucking dreadful

Jessika Smith says:

Ngl, the arm-stretching scene is actually a pretty cool idea. I really like the way the arms seem to get joints added to them instead of just rubbery stretching, how the joints come in at different angles, and how there's a crunching noise when the new joints are added. It reminds me of Long Horse's infinitely long neck, actually. It could have been an effectively creepy moment, if only it was done better.

Myran Verduzco says:

I love Anna Hathaway so much. I had no expectations and just wanted to see her own rendition of the grand high witch. She channeled Angelica Houston's character way too much and her accent was not understandable.

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