The Witches (1990) Movie Review

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The Witches is a 1990 fantasy film based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. It was directed by Nicolas Roeg and produced by The Jim Henson Company for Lorimar Film Entertainment and Warner Bros, starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Rowan Atkinson and Jasen Fisher.

As in the novel, the plot takes place in an alternate reality where the world is plagued by infanticidal witches who masquerade as ordinary women, and the efforts of a boy and his grandmother to destroy them after the boy is turned into a mouse by their newest weapon against human children.


wildmanbeyond says:

My favorite movie involving witches. Way better than Hocus Pocus.

Disney65Fan says:

Scares the crap out of me. Still does

Rust Cohle says:

I absolutely loved it when I was a kid and now. mostly sharing the same creative enthusiasm as luke about being a mouse. no school, building Legos like it nobodys business…. of course you need someone like grandma to watch over you n help you, but it looked fun while it lasted for luke.

cambellfan22 says:

the book ending was dark cause Luke stayed as a mouse but cause mice have a short life span he would die so he and grandma go witch hunting while he was still alive then died which he accepted his fate

TheCableguy x says:

most of the witches in the witch meeting scene are transexuals, very disturbing stuff. lol

Johnlindsey289 says:

Great movie, i loved it since i was 8 when i saw it 2 times in theaters and been one of my fave fantasy films.

Since you reviewed this and Dark Crystal and Ninja Turtles, also review Labyrinth for the 30th birthday next month

Lucas Reynard says:

Did you know this is the movie that he made before his death? Also, I read that the ending was entirely different from what he intended it to be. There's a whole story about it raising controversy and references to stuff that were dangerous for him to show kind of like Eyes Wide Shut which also was edited and things were cut out that would reveal too much.

Kind of creepy if you think about Jim Henson and Stanley Kubrick their last movies before their passing and the identical occultic subject matter they both seem to have themed throughout both movies. Coincidence? Or is there more to it. You decide for yourselves.

The Greek Pianist says:

Loved the movie as a kid 😉 and the book. And you said his name right!

BoomStick Critique says:

matt this could have been the prequel to mouse hunt if the kid stayed a mouse at the end he could have been the mouse in mouse hunt lol

Travis Eddings says:

Good review of the last film Henson had a hand in.

Nathan Forester says:

Yeah, that was Jim Henson who did the Dark Crystal. The Witches was the last movie he did work on before he died.

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