THE WITCHES (1990) Movie Review

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Evil witches turn children into mice in Nicolas Roeg’s film version of the Roald Dahl novel. My review.

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MrDoctorWho 6 says:

You forgot one thing. MR BEAN IS IN THIS MOVIE!

Disney65Fan says:

Read the book as a kid. The film scared the living shit out of me. Still does especially the part where they all rip off their masks. 😱😱😱😱😱👺

Jackie McCann says:

Great review!

I also heard that Guillermo del Toro might be planning on making a stop-motion animated version of the film someday, and have it be more faithful to the book.

I for one, look forward to seeing that.

TKWeckroth says:

Are you going to make a review on The Wicker Man? The original, of course

Matt Garcia says:

Good review Derek. I remember watching this several times when I was a kid and I recently watched it again. It's a cute film with some good effects.

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