The Wisdom of Psychopaths [Audiobook] by Kevin Dutton

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sarah says:

Great book so far. Ill take the strip show AND a cucumber sandwich plz. 🖐

michael onello says:

Thanks for the upload

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First And Last says:

That's your problem brother.

Christopher Williams says:

I picked up a marriage. I am stupid, and life is over. I am just waiting for the burial or inferno to ash, what a fucked up heaven that is, huh? Go through all this shit only to be turned to ash, or be locked away in the blackness until 1,000 years from now they dig you up and ask, "Who is so and so?"

Andrew H says:

Just started listening…but think it's funny his example of his pops being a psychopath is that he sold some defective calenders….really???? Cuz I would have thought a story about a guy who owned a large house that he had women chained up in the rooms which he sold for sex, then after they were pregnant would allow them to have their kids…enlist them in the business and use them as a farm for organ harvesting to sell to people who need organs and have the cash would be a slightly better start…but then again…I am no psychopath, so must be something about those calenders with only 11 months, couldn't just be a catchy title for a guy who is just gunna try and sell you some business development skills…no…couldn't be that….

ZACH says:

The 'science' quoted in this entertainment piece, is full of holes. To trace psychopathy to so-called berserkers is wishful thinking. Pukey.

ZACH says:

Psychopaths are cowards. Real human emotion is powerful. This shameful glorification of the disability known as sociopathy and worse, the glorification of pathetic slug murderers, is a slimy praise of evil.

Shadow says:

This book low-key makes me wish I was a psychopath lmaooo

Ve says:

My YouTube watches: Light Yagami
Me: ….sounds about right

Secrets to Success says:

I’m 2 hours in and I haven’t really learnt anything from this book – it is just a good story

Secrets to Success says:

The only 2 rules you should consciously abide by (everything else should be second nature):

1) don’t let on what you know (or tell people what you want them to know)

2) don’t let on how you feel (unless you can use this to get what you want from someone, e.g. make them feel sorry for you)

s sandus says:

Smother the baby til it passes out msybe

Diamond Black says:

This goes back just to what I said these aren't real people THEY DONT HAVE SOULS THEY ONLY CAN SEE IPPL AS INATIMATE OBJECTS AS ONE IN THE SAME. John Wayne Facey lived in Schaumburg not far from Siemens which was once Nuxdorf a computer install company my ex husband a damn narcooath once worked at. I have these Mick ass human beings there's nothing fascinating about them it disgusted sicknto my stomach listening to this shit. Nothing good about being a damn demon. Their freaks murderers and unfortunately extremely intelligent persons are always unconscionable ass beings DEMONS DISGUISED AS PPL.

Plush subs says:

Dont let them notice you, constant abilities to facade themselves as normal people, yet they're ruthless, we're fascinated by illusions, outwardly charming, charisma yet they distract us from their true colours, psychopathy can also be good for us, it can be adaptive, psychopath have a variety of advantages. Psychopathy is like sunshine yet regulated exposure controlled can have a good impact on us. Psychopaths are generally less active when it comes to danger, they're so normal yet they're so different, psychopaths are good in noticing vulnerability than the low scorers. They know what they're looking for, they can easily identify vulnerability. Persuasiveness, superficial charm, ruthlessness, a grandiose sense of worth, lack of remorse. Feelings do go with purpose. They are Fearless, confident, charismatic, ruthless. focused. They are not necessarily violent. Conviction made them tick.

Pitbulls violence less severe
Use of closed fist, become obsessed. Prone to insecurity, tend to be introverted. More likely to leave. Continuing to take risks even when pumped full of fear. 0 tolerance policy on anxiety. They couldn't care less how society might contemplate their actions.

Jay Flippen says:

1:02:52 to 1:03:25 This does not specify much with saying how some group or individuals have to 'bite the bullet'. I wish Dutton was more particular about what he meant here. I think a lack of specificity when to comes to modes of legally-based social stratification is the very mechanism by which unconscious sociopathy or individual psychopathy runs upon, especially when it is situated within a system that is designed to protect others. In other words, if a group of people's only enjoyment comes at the cost of someone else's basic legal protections and fundamental rights, and they have the ability to change that intake and reciprocation in those systems, then they should spur such actions. This goes into what is perceived to be 'fare trade' and the bizarre interplay of economic pressures within international trade markets. How much of a compromise a certain country is willing to make in order to respect the human rights and dignity of its people and the people within other countries greatly varies… and I suppose this topic is on par with animal rights. 1:02:43 to 1:02:51

George Rodriguez says:


Ibrahim Kouyate says:

Lol this is nothing but demons messing with them

Grayson Johnston says:

Kanye West challenged an interviewer by asking them to name a genius that wasn’t crazy.

Bob Golden says:

Its the hypocrisy I don't like.

buzz says:

Notes will continue
10:00 psychopath does not care
13:35 what they are like
16:20 author discovers dad's notes
Chapter 1: 19:20
Example of a psycho 22:02
Hare test 25:00
"I love you" 27:26
Example 2 – psycho 28:27
Ted Bundy 30:10
Psychology Experiment 31:35
(The way a person walks gives psychos clues if a person is vulnerable)
Further findings 33:42
Currey gives examples 35:21
– Saddam Hussein 36:27
Garrety UK surgeon 38:02
Psychos can be good 38:40
Psycho traits 41:01
Psycho radar 44:08
Vulnerable 49:50
Anology 53:20
– table talk 59:57
Uni student example 1:06:20
John Moulton 1:07:24
Business example 1:14:23
When men batter women Cobra v Pitbull 1:15:30
The title of the book explained 1:24:10
Psychopathy is a double edged sword – like a fast car 1:27:00
Intro to the next chapter 1:27:23
Chapter 2 1:31:34
Story 1:32:04
Personality 1:35:40
US presidents 1:46:52
Personality disorders 1:49:44
The mask of sanity 1:53:40
Herbie talks about psychos 1:57:25
Interview with a psycho 2:00:02
Hare test explained 2:04:00
ASPD and psychopathy
example case 1- 2:10:15
Case 2 – 2:12:50

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