The White Album by Joan Didion (Book Review)

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Review and analysis of The White Album by Joan Didion, an essay collection from the 1970s.

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Sofia Cruz says:

This video helped me understand her essays a lot more. I had to read an except for class and this cleared a lot of things up for me. Thank you!

Alisa Vershinina says:

White album is not the Beatles' album. It is the Doors' album. She spent some time with the band while they were recording it.

Sandee S says:

I’ve read so many wonderful books thanks to you. Adding this to my list.

Leopard-King says:

A portion of reality is the perceptual violence enacted upon it until it submits to the recalcitrant mind. It is a cruelty that issues forth from the neo-cortex Reality is part the thing that it is, and part the thing you will make it. We must not take too lightly our rude imposition. It is not a falsehood, abrupt perhaps, but not a forgery. It is either contamination or purification, either way it is no less real. Men make the mistake of removing themselves from the thing beheld. Reality beckons to the birds, the cattle, the fishes, and the ants. Man is the only creature bold enough to approach with a demand. Reality speaks and man alone posses the audacity to answer back with authority. It is a push and pull he will lose at the end of his days, but the truth never cared for mountains and lakes that have seen countless generations rise and fall.

nikki venable says:

Ok. I'm going to say it. Few can review books as well as you. There was something missing when you were gone! I am really glad you're back…can't wait for what's to come!

LadyBookDragon says:

💖 so glad you are back! I love hearing your thoughts on books

21stefari says:

I so love your reviews. It's so easy for me to get caught up in beach reads, but you really make me want more out of what I'm reading. Thanks!!

BeckyInCalifornia says:

So happy you're back. I've missed your reviews.

Flavia M. says:

I'm really happy you're back! 🙂

Kim Nguyen says:

– imposing narrative on things that don't fit together;
– good ol' fashioned existential crisis — how this is bound up in class;

On hearing how having an existential crisis is a luxury (cf. stigma surrounding mental illness):
"I'm curious about the way that we describe the same phenomenon differently, based on class. You can certainly see that it's not only wealthy educated people who lose meaning."

Thank the Muses for the most intelligent person on booktube. <3 Great to see ya back at it. Happy reading, Ashley!

Lukas Sotola says:

All of your videos on Joan Didion have made me want to read her.

LaFlamande says:

"the morning after the 60s" – that made me think of Harry Angstrom in Updike's "Rabbit, redux". He performs the 60s in his house exclusively, it is like one single trip or excess, and he seems so unlikable and out of charakter the whole time. There definitely is this feeling of alienation during and after.

lorne baird says:

love your channel!!

Mariana Molinari says:

I am so happy you are back! Good wishes from Brazil

Aelia's Manga and Book Reviews says:

Glad to see you're back!!!! 🙂

Book Lovers says:

it sounds amazing! adding it to my TBR. Thank you!

friendsinholyspaces says:

I've literally been bingeing on your videos all day in anticipation of your next upload! You are such an inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!

Tess Cap says:

hi i miss ur videos…

Ali Rock's You says:

narrative breaks like there are interruption in our environment jumping around topics and essays doesn't make you understand humans. you know what does? talking to them.

Az J says:

It is a good book.

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