THE VOID (2017) Horror Movie Review

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This week we look at Jeremy Gillespie & Steven Kostanski’s film THE VOID. Does it live up to its reputation as a must-see throwback horror film? Let’s talk about it.

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Golden Elk says:

Such a fantastic movie.

damemphizundaground says:

Great movie, I loved it, no shitty CGI effects, Im trying to look for other good movies like this, decent modern horrors with no CGI and all practical effects.  I been hearing mixed reviews about another film from 2016 and that is Lycan

Danielle DeLisle says:

So odd I watched this today. I just saw "When Sussurus Stirs" for the first time this past weekend at StokerCon on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. They have a film festival as part of the festivities called the Final Frame Film Festival. It's my favorite part of the con. The con was in its second year this year and centers around the Bram Stoker Awards. I loved the film because it reminded me so much of Videodrome in terms of shots and such and the rest of Cronenberg's work as well. The actor even looked like a young James Woods to me. It was well done and ended up winning the Grand Prize on Friday night. Then, My friend tagged me because he just watched The Void and thought I would like it. I guess it's destiny I see this movie now. Ha! StokerCon is a wonderful con for horror people if you haven't been the past two years since it started. It's in Providence next year. The guests have included Jack Ketchum, R.L. Stein and this year George R.R. Martin. Guess my long about way of saying small world!

Lookie! says:

+Adam Cesare (@Adam_Cesare on Twitter) – Believe @GrahamDoh reviewed this title. We can think of a few other channel hosts who might like a lot of the same films you enjoy, actually.

We'll (@LookieShow) send a few other mentions along on Twitter, since figure it's fun to find channel hosts most likely to review some of the same movies you've also enjoyed, or to talk about characters, discuss favorite franchises, spot indie finds, share movie news, etc.

Loren Killdeer says:

Downloaded it, but I'm going to see it this weekend, with my boyfriend who is a HUGE Lovecraft fan, just like me! Loved the book reccomendation, I'm going to look up to read it! I really like the art from the cover also.

55bueller says:

Dude you are hot!

Jr Jacques says:

A beautiful movie!

Jeff Fisher says:

Great review. I just saw this movie last night and I definitely see what you are talking about in terms of the Carpenter influence. Other reviewers have noted there's a lot of Clive Barker in there too, but for me, this film is really reminiscent of Fulci's "The Beyond." Maybe I'm way off base here and the similarities are only superficial, but they both films have this vibe of escalating doom, of events that start out ordinary and get more and more cosmic (and confusing) as the story progresses.

Hunter Shea says:

I thought it turned out to be a hot mess. They hid the practical effects in utter darkness. The first 2 acts were pure Carpenter, then they went insane Barker and it was so jarring, it made no sense. I was very disappointed. Oh well.

ShogunOrta says:

The movie was pretty good. Felt like that movie called From Beyond. But…I feel like they needed to add in an extra thirty minutes to delve into how the frack all this is possible. That's one of the things it was missing. (how the frack did some "medical" doctor know how to open a portal to…well, what was that anyway? I mean I like that it was vague, but give me at least a little lore)

N Panch1989 says:

The movie is overrated to me. I don't see anything good there, besides maybe monsters design. But the story line is mediocre and not memorable at all. I wouldn't compare it to Hellraiser or The Thing. Those were really scarry and atmospheric oldschool horrors. The Void is not even close to those ones. My rate would be 5 out of 10 for this movie

orangedrone says:

The Void avoids.

IndigoManChild says:

high on fire t shirt.. i can trust this guy

Jon N says:

Can u upload more please love ur channel. I'm low on horror reviewers!!!

NeuralDagger says:

I really liked you and your review, do go for this, if anyone can do this you can

UndeadNinja says:

this movie was a masterpiece I cant wait to own it on Blu ray or dvd right into my collection

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