The Two Towers Movie Adaptation – Analysis/Review

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Joe Blows says:

Your friend seems a nice guy but his input in these vids is minimal and he seems to have a vague idea of the topics. Just saying not hating on ya. Also the car is drowning the sound here a lot

Hamarbi Ljungskile says:

Well, here I go re-installing Third Age Total War.

JAldwin says:

I never took Grima Wormtongue's tearful response as remorse. I thought it was an expression of someone sadistically elated by the powerful position they were enjoying. Like a tear of joy shed by an addict.

This is who I am says:

what movies do you like seriously? "Force awakens sucks", "civil war sucks", "the hobbit sucks", "Warcraft sucks". Not trying to hate, i'm just wondering.

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

I legitimately did not know when Lord of The Rings was published. 60s? That's quite recent.

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