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Welcome to my complete The Secret Garden audiobook : full & unabridged. The classic written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (1910) is read & produced by me with genuine Yorkshire accents. This complete audio book in British English has a “Raw Reading” style with page turning & a soothing atmosphere to help one relax & sleep, while maybe even appealing to those that enjoy ASMR. Musical interludes are “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky (1892).
– I hope you enjoy my rendition of this literary gem 👇 and if you do try this next!:
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Not familiar with The Secret Garden? It is an absolute beauty and my reading, editing and even equipment improves with time so stick with it. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this wonderful story too! Some of the characters are divine and Burnett’s writing is simply brilliant!

I am particularly fond of her love and appreciation of nature. These days I feel that a concern for our environment is arguably more important than ever before. This story teaches children and adults alike to respect our world and to take pleasure in the “simple” things.


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00:00:00 – Musical Introduction
00:00:37 – Chapter 1:
00:12:32 – Chapter 2:
00:29:07 – Chapter 3:
00:38:12 – Chapter 4:
01:09:27 – Chapter 5:
01:23:20 – Chapter 6:
01:37:28 – Chapter 7:
01:50:20 – Chapter 8:
02:06:44 – Chapter 9:
02:25:58 – Chapter 10:
02:49:51 – Chapter 11:
03:06:46 – Chapter 12:
03:25:39 – Chapter 13: “Reading in the Rain”
03:57:02 – Chapter 14:
04:20:15 – Chapter 15:
04:44:35 – Chapter 16:
04:59:21 – Chapter 17:
05:14:19 – Chapter 18:
05:29:04 – Chapter 19:
05:51:47 – Chapter 20:
06:09:21 – Chapter 21:
06:32:40 – Chapter 22:
06:44:17 – Chapter 23:
07:11:15 – Chapter 24:
07:36:55 – Chapter 25:
07:52:19 – Chapter 26:
08:14:12 – Chapter 27:
08:51:54 – Closing Thoughts and Musical Finale

For anyone wondering about the quiet spot roughly between 3:54:00 and 3:57:00 – this was intentional.
– There are actually the soft sounds of rainfall, which is particularly clear with headphones. In fact, the entire chapter has the sounds of a storm in the background!
– Originally I recorded and shared The Secret Garden on my old channel two chapters at a time, but had a problem with my microphone when recording ch.13, so decided to make it a special video by mixing in a recording of a thunder storm that was hammering away that same afternoon.
– For the complete version of this audiobook I didn’t want to re-record the chapter as I very much liked my reading of it, so decided to leave the rainstorm and let it play on afterwards to act as a little calming interval half-way through the book.


So again thank you for listening! I hope you’ve had a wonderful experience with a magical story.

What would you like to hear next from me?

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and I’ll read to you soon!
🦊🎶 Steven

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Steven Red Fox Garnett says:

✨My complete version of 'A Little Princess' is OUT NOW! Also by Frances Hodgson Burnett this is a must listen!🦊👉
– Need more Magic? Does The Secret Garden leave you longing for more of this sort of charming tale, or do you particularly enjoy my style here? Honestly, you should try this one too!

Icius Zenith says:

Idk what's better, the story or the reader. This got me through covid! All I do is horror, but this…. Unbelievable

Random says:

Thank you sir! Your voice is really addicting.

Donna D Smith says:

Ah, my sleepy time. Thank you Foxy!

Argus says:

This was turned into a cartoon that my sisters and i had enjoyed many years ago when we were kids, and although we had never understood the full story behind it since it was changed a bit to make it more appealing to kids, i am safe to say that some of the morals in this book have stuck with us well into our adulthood. Now that i have listened to the audio book, i can't help but feel a bit grateful that i could once again experience this story after more than 15 years. Thank you a lot for your fantastic reading and a lovely experience

Isabelle Araújo says:

This is perfect! I could not have hoped for such a lovely and magical reading of a book. Thank you, Mr Garnett, for reading this beautiful story to us 🤍

AlishaAnimations * says:


Born Free says:

Subscribe only if you like it..thanks

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