the rise of book to movie adaptations

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In this video I talk about the rise of book to movie adaptations. Also book to tv shows/mini series bc that’s a thing now! What are your favorite adaptations?

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kate says:

im sorry but i just had to say that ur hands are too cute >.<

P.T. Loumiet says:

I think to say "the book is always better than the movie" is just unfair. They're two completely different mediums with different advantages and disadvantages. A book's advantage is that they get to flesh things out, since they're much longer than the movies, but a disadvantage is a limit to which words can really tell the story, lacking interesting visuals to help enhance the story. So it's ridiculous to say one is better than the others. It's like saying "steak is better than chocolate." The two shouldn't be compared.

ben martin says:

please do books to audiobooks adaptations next !!!

Sunniva Fossen says:

I haven't actually read the books myself, but The 100 is one of those weird exceptions where it seems like the consensus on goodreads is that the show is much better than the books. At least that's what people were saying when I was looking through reviews a couple of years ago.

Spoopyrenee says:

My favorite book to movie adaptation will forever be the Harry Potter series but I also really liked Call me by your name, Emma 2020, little women 2020, IT, the Narnia series, Coraline, series of unfortunate events, The help, the maze runner series and the perks of being a wallflower. There are probably more lol but those are ones I can think of

Joey Carlyle says:

Many of the Stephen King adaptations have been good. The Silence of the Lambs was another great book to movie adaptation. I didn't care much for The Watchmen movie adaptation, but I like the HBO series, Watchmen. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was also a great book to movie adaptation. I really like the novels, 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, but I was not impressed with the movie adaptations.

Celia Velazquez says:

I loved the Looking for Alaska tv show adaptation

darthbee18 says:

9:18 the exception of this rule (to me at least) is Life Of Pi, the movie was more enjoyable than the book, I am not so sure why (probably because the movie gave better resolution than the novel? I mean as far as I remember it the novel resolved the premise in definite terms too, but the movie (seemed to have) showed it even better. Also the CG didn't hurt for me at the very least 😅😂🙈🐅)

Olivia says:

my new favorite youtuber

shire says:

am i the only 1 who loved the percy jackson movies lolll. I mean if u watch it without comparing it to the book and just watch it as a movie I loved it sooo much like the casino scene that's my shit

Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea says:

I feel like I’m never getting my Kingkiller Chronicle adaptation. 😭

Ben Tarran says:

Have you seen I’m Thinking Of Ending Things yet?

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