The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter Book Review (The Burning #1)

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Mike gives a non-spoiler review of the first book in The Burning series by Evan Winter, The Rage of Dragons.

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Mike's Book Reviews says:

Hey bookworms! Sorry for the delay in getting this review done. I didn't want to release it the same day as Merphy.

Ethan Brinkman says:

Tau is high comm…. oh nvm

Emmett Fitz-Hume says:

I loved Red Rising but never really thought of it as grim dark. But if this is anything like Red Rising, I will give it a try.

Ulmo90 says:

I just ordered this book, I will probably check it out after ryhtmh of war

Bryce Hamilton says:

Sold me on this as soon as you compared it to Red Rising in terms of action. Definitely going to check this out

Thomas Taliaferro says:

Rather than Gladiator i think the better comparison is a different Russell Crowe move "Cinderlla Man".

W. Max says:

Will you do the review on Jade City? Thanks 🙂

Safina N says:

Thanks for the review!!

Ruaridh McNee says:

I loved this book. Ploughed through it in 3 days

Ivey Bullard says:

I think its a good thing multiple channels i watch review the same books. It is nice hearing different peoples on opinions. It helps me at least to make a decision if i want to read a book or not.

David T62 says:

Some are critical of the central character’s motivations and personality. Also, some complain about the repeated fight scenes. While reading, I do admit that the central character was sometimes annoying in his choice of actions but never to the point where it detracted from the story. As for the fight scenes, each time one happened, I would think ok, here we go again. But incredibly, each scene just seemed to get better and better, despite being somewhat repetitive. The magic system was very cool and the world itself a fresh take over the stereotypical European setting. Looking forward to Book 2.

Michael L. Morrison says:

This is in my To Read list. Friend of mine just finished reading it.


Just finished … OMG! This was totally Gladiator. I have a tendency of going into my mental files and picking a song that plays in the back of my mind as I read and I could totally hear “To Victory” from the 300 Soundtrack and “Wonder Woman’s Wrath” from the Wonder Woman Soundtrack throughput its entirety. I truly love this book and so look forward to the next installment.

Baatile Kagosiemang says:

For what it’s worth, I love your channel…

Larry Laderoute says:

I thought this book was great. I think you nailed it about the romance but could have gone farther in criticizing the very small time women were in the book. While a great read I did feel thia book was young adult but I do not mind that I just feel it was being pushed to the GOT audience and that was a little misleading.

Rants & Reviews says:

Nearly 20 minutes and no spoilers! I usually spoil the hell out of books when I review them (a benefit of having no listeners haha). Nice review mate, this book is on my TBR list.

Turtle Anton says:

Is the audibook good? Omg I dont wanna learn caste systems or lingo.

Turtle Anton says:

Red Rising is fucking awesome.

Turtle Anton says:

Is it really dat good

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