The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli (Complete Audiobook, Unabridged)

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The Prince is a look at power politics and statecraft from the perspective of the sovereign.

Within the book are timeless principles of leadership, what a ruler must and must not do to secure their place as the prince of their dominions.

The Prince is the most famous work from Medieval Italian political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli, and was the text from which the word “Machiavellian” was coined.

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Pie Man says:

Well since this exists ill be a dictator in a couple days

Ted Kidd says:

Sargon, is that you??

Kyle Sikkenga says:

Neurologically speaking, a Machiavellian brain type is a person who has a very high functioning neocortex, low functioning prefrontal cortex and an overactive reticular activating system, among other things. Psychologically speaking, this would be considered quite intelligent sociopath.


Sargon sounds gay.

Florida Huntsman says:

Evil book , for dark hearts .

Brian Roberts says:

I can’t take this serious with Sargon’s voice.

afghan han Pashtun says:

Very cool men 🤟

勇次郎 says:

for fuck sake, of all verisons i had to pick the one read by soygon.

Emyshine Felix says:

Guys has a very funny look, italians usually look really cool

Real3R says:

Yeah, but have you even read………….Locke?

Anne O'Nymous says:

If it comes down to making a choice between the common and the elite, kill the elite. They can be replaced. Classic Machiavelli.

TheShockerKnocker says:

As soon as I realized this was the wannabe Sargon boy I exited out. Not supporting him lol. He's a degenerate neckbeard.

AesculapiusPiranha says:

Sargon reading this invalidates the idea that it will make you a master strategist. Sorry dude.

PAU CO music says:

Mega Beats 🚀☀️ Pau Co

PAU CO music says:

Mega Beats 🚀☀️ Pau Co

The Show says:

Old play farting dust

The_Jaguar_ Knight says:

I just got back from a driving holiday inthe Australian Outback, very much enjoyed listening to this audiobook from start to finish !!!

Jason Stage says:

Not there prince there princesssssssssssssssssssssssss

onepartofone says:

What a terrible reading! Such a poor diction.

Kit says:

This book is actually a nice short read. Well worth picking up.

HxA California says:

My favorite book of all time.

Parth sarthi says:

Religious people who criticize this book must know Jesus never ruled the world ghangez khan did , so what's given in this book is true

Patrick Bush says:

What a dweeb he looks like Donald Trump jr.

william prophet says:

K MJ k k nb,

Ace Adonis says:

Carl Benjiman ffs

Rafael of Sicarii says:

2:55:05 bruh…

Martin Camden says:

The Emperor must be perfect, or the system will destroy itself !!

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