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★★★ Description ★★★
The Picture of Dorian Gray is about a man who is influenced into leading a life dedicated to pleasure and follows the repercussions of that decision. Dorian befriends two people, Basil and Henry. Basil, an artist, creates a beautiful portrait of Dorian. Dorian wishes that the painting, and not he, would take the toll of time and sin. His wish is granted and he remains youthful. However, the painting becomes disfigured as time passes and Dorian commits sin. After having destroyed many of his friends and lovers lives, Dorian stabs the painting in frustration. This causes time and sin to catch up with the real Dorian, while the painting reverts to its original beauty.

★ Table of Contents ★
Chapter 01 | 0:00
Chapter 02 | 1:00
Chapter 03 | 2:00
Chapter 04 | 3:00
Chapter 05 | 4:00
Chapter 06 | 5:50
Chapter 07 | 6:12
Chapter 08 | 6:45
Chapter 09 | 7:30
Chapter 10 | 7:31
Chapter 11 | 7:40
Chapter 12 | 8:00
Chapter 13 | 8:10
Chapter 14 | 8:50
Chapter 15 | 9:00
Chapter 16 | 9:15
Chapter 17 | 9:30
Chapter 18 | 9:35
Chapter 19 | 9:45

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MADAN JI says:

This is the best book ever I read.

hollylaurenxo says:

this is really great <33

Tommy Mendoza says:

Not even this drawing is blond… 🙁


If Dorian still exist now, he will stay at home for the quarantine. Just sayin'

Deadpool says:

“Sin is the only real color element in the modern world” ~Oscar Wilde, the Picture of Dorian Gray

Español en casa says:

Excelent.I love it.

Katy Mbeke says:

Cool story bro

kami says:

sorry but,, the green blob monster that is the manifestation of dorian's sins and corruptions on the painting lmao

Lawrence L. says:

Everyone wishes they were….Forever 21. I was so happy back then about myself, other people, life, walking, breathing, seeing other people, talking to other people, sports, pets, cars, driving, music, love, etc. etc. I had perfect health, hair, skin, body, muscles, bedroom performance. People and women and the world seemed to smile at you back then always.

As you get older, and everything seems to fade in your life…you become dark, cynical and closed-off.

LoneLand says:

I thought Basil was cool😔

Katrina Williams says:

I dont know where my debit card is….

Insomnia YT says:

Thanks i have a home reading report of this

K G says:

I see Old Navy was popular in Victorian London.

Oscar Wilde says:

I love him 😩

David Eagin says:

Greatest book ever, and it’s not even close.

Kold Kartel says:

art is an explosion…..katsu!!!

Lottie Millar says:

my favourite book of all time

AD Queen says:

Dorian is blonde

Colin Faragher says:

The "Yellow Book" is Against Nature by J.K. Huysmans.

books says:

*Describes setting as victorian era *
*Draws Dorian, Basil and Henry as the mot unattractive, boring, accountant dad look *

Edit: nice to know that this is one of the most liked comments on this post, glad we can agree on this XD

Emmanuel says:

This book sounds amazing, can’t wait to finish reading it

Tristen Berger says:

very helpful, excellent video

BLAST art says:

Amai Mask's theory brought me here

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