The Neverending Story, Lost in Adaptation ~ The Dom

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Getting lost searching for a solution to the nothing AND getting lost in adaptation? Now that’s just unlucky.

For me, this will also be known as: The Neverending Audio Issues and The Neverending Overuse Of The Green Screen Fire Effect but I doubt that will catch on.

Once again I feel I should beg the forgiveness of anyone watching this who actually speaks German….

The Leonardo Dicaprio joke at the end might actually be true, google it.

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Sashido Zerako says:

Gave the audio book a listen its excellent and pretty emotional defiantly a must have read with a great end. Loved the part of spook town.

Mors says:

I loved the book so much as a kid, I read it at least 20+ times and honestly disliked the movie in comparison cause I felt like it didn't do the book justice

kohakuaiko says:

Wow, how much the audio has improved!

Zöe says:

There a THIRD Neverending Story??

Waxy12 says:

They did a pretty good job with Dark Crystal, I thought. I think the setting of Neverending Story could be a lot more interesting, as with the idea that everything in the story is from human imagination, they could literally do almost anything with it. It could be a continuous story like Game of Thrones or Agents of Shield or every episode could be it's own story, like Dark Mirror. One episode could be very black and scary with the next being the complete opposite. Netflix has, however, gotten a little political. I'm not a subscriber to Hulu or Amazon, but maybe they would do a better job.

Luna Moonstone says:

i never knew how dark the story actually was, kind of wish this is what the trilogy was about. first movie bastian saves fantastica from the nothing, everyone is happy. second movie he recreates everything yet is getting too much of an ego, thus attracting the attention of the witch i keep forgetting her name. she slowly turns him evil making him think he is better than the childlike empress. thus creating a wedge between him and his friends. ending it with him stabbing artrau in the chest. third movie we see him being used by the witch then finally he kills her yet losing his last wish thus living in a barren waste land. now a full grown man. finding artrau, who decides to fix his mess and sends him back home. bastian returns to earth as a child again, yet is wise in his age. this time using his creativity to build the world in a more safer way. it shows kids how if not careful power can corrupt ruining friendship and lives. being wary of people who give you flattery and try to change you for the worse. that is my opinion anyways great video.

Duo West says:

I thought it was weird how the guy who played Bastian's father in the second film looked about 27, and the guy who played the father in the first film was at least 40.

Xehanort10 says:

The title of the book and film is false advertising. It's called The Neverending Story but it ends.

Lunsen 402 says:

damn you looked diffrent back in 2014…

Holly says:

i loved the book as a child its one of my very few books i owned myself and was no rented from the Library so … i read it 100 times
and i also LOOOVED the 1st movie, i never new there was more then the one movie when i was young xD i think i saw the 2nd one when i was a bit older but never the 3ed

Holly says:

holy fuck i watched it as child and i NEVER realised there was the hugs sqhinx titts xD

Mathias Kayser says:

While i was so disappointed with the movie I did get to fly on Falcor (real name is actually Fuchur) even i visited Bavaria studios. Loved it.

Place Holder says:

I watched this move in theaters when I was a kid. My little kid logic thought that this movie was truly never ending and they would never let us leave the theater. So I imagined that someday there would just be a theater full of skeletons staring at a flicking screen forever.

sofia sanguedolce says:

I watch this video every like 2 months haha

Cutscene Cinema says:

Late to the party but I have to say, a reboot trilogy where the Neverending Story Part 1 is just a remake of the 80s movie but where Part 2 shows Bastion plunging Fantasia into civil war pitting him against Atreyu and Part 3 being Bastion's redemption would be absolutely Fantastica (sorry not sorry).

Little Yankee says:

You misundersstood a thing. It wasn't that they could go in any direction. They even say how the Will-o'-wisp went the wrong direction and gets lost. Atreyu is told to go any direction because they don't know where he has to go.
Speaking of Will-o'-wisp, he was left out entirely. Though the lake story is vebatum (I think, it's been a while) it was originally old Willy but in the movie given to rock chewer (also you WTF all over that name in your video on the animated series but it was the book name)

Elara Nova says:

My personal favorite part of this movie is absolutely the music. It’s just so magically whimsical and fantastic.

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